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   the contribution of lexical, grammatical, and propositional knowledge preparation to l2 listening comprehension  
نویسنده shabani mohammad bagher ,malmir ali ,arjmand farzaneh
منبع iranian journal of applied language studies - 2018 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:175 -208
چکیده    listening comprehension is a multifaceted l2 skill and its actual mastery has proved challenging for many efl learners (matthews, 2018). pre-listening supports may help us change the dire situation in developing effective listening competence. therefore, the current study tried to examine the effect of vocabulary preparation, grammar instruction and background knowledge activation as prelistening tasks on the listening comprehension among 95 iranian intermediate efl learners in three experimental groups who were randomly selected from among 142 iranian efl learners after administration of a paper-based toefl. in group a, the teacher elaborated on the difficult grammatical structures of the listening comprehension (lc) test and the students did some exercises. group b practiced related difficult words using synonyms, antonyms, and sentence examples. in group c, some topical knowledge about the content of the lc test was given and discussed. after the treatment, a valid researchermade lc test was given to all groups. this procedure was followed for four more listening texts and after each treatment, a valid researchermade lc test based on the text was administered. data analysis using oneway anova and scheffe test revealed that background knowledge activation and vocabulary preparation significantly improved learners’ listening performances; however, grammar preparation did not exert a significant influence on efl listening comprehension. these results were confirmed by the experts’ attitudes in the subsequent qualitative phase of the study. these findings suggest that efl teachers should use background knowledge activation and lexical preparation prior to the main listening tasks.
کلیدواژه background knowledge activation ,grammar instruction ,l2 listening comprehension ,schemata ,scripts ,vocabulary preparation
آدرس imam khomeini international university, iran, imam khomeini international university, iran, imam khomeini international university, iran
پست الکترونیکی farzaneh826@yahoo.com

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