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   the role of corrective feedback and learning styles on efl students’ acquisition of grammatical structures  
نویسنده khatib mohammad ,vaezi muhammad nasser ,najjarbaghseyah rasool
منبع iranian journal of applied language studies - 2018 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:119 -148
چکیده    the role of oral corrective feedback has been investigated by sla researchers from various perspectives. focusing on iranian efl context, the present study aimed to explore the role of receiving corrective feedback in the learning of english grammatical structures. it also probed the association between the type of corrective feedback and efl learners’ learning styles. this was an experimental study examining a sample of 128 intermediatelevel efl learners through pretest-posttest control group design. data of the study was analysed through oneway anova conducted on posttest scores. results of the study indicated that there were statistically significant differences between experimental groups and control group in terms of receiving feedback. these findings implied the outperformance of the metalinguistic feedback group over recast group and also the superiority of providing efl learners with feedback compared to nofeedback. the results obtained from twoway anova revealed an effectively significant interaction between the type of oral corrective feedback and the learners’ learning styles. the study discussed how both types of corrective feedback and learning styles could manipulate l2 acquisition which might have some implications for efl language teachers in the classroom.
کلیدواژه corrective feedback ,recast ,metalinguistic feedback ,learning styles ,field-dependency
آدرس allameh tabataba’i university, iran, allameh tabataba’i university, iran, iri amin police university, iran
پست الکترونیکی rasool.najjar@police.ir

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