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   The Effectiveness of Using ''Reading To Learn, Learning To Write'' Pedagogy in Teaching Chinese To Non-Chinese Speaking Students in Hong Kong  
نویسنده Shum Mark Shiu-Kee ,Shi Dan ,Tai Chung-Pui
منبع International Journal Of Language Studies - 2016 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:43 -60
چکیده    This paper examines the effectiveness of 'reading to learn' (r2l) pedagogy (rose & martin, 2012) in teaching chinese to non-chinese speaking students in hong kong. junior secondary students were taught to read and write texts of different genres in chinese in an after-hour class for a year using the r2l pedagogy. students were asked to write a composition before and after each genre teaching cycle. during the teaching cycle, teachers scaffolded students' writing through preparing for reading, detailed reading, joint re-writing, sentence-making, and joint construction. this paper selects writings from students representing the low, medium and high achievers. their pre- and post-teaching scripts are analyzed for aspects of transitivity, modality, and cohesion using a systemic functional linguistic (halliday & matthiessen, 2004) framework. semi-structured interviews were conducted to reveal students' perceptions and teachers' reflections on r2l pedagogy. text analysis of the pre- and post-teaching writing suggests that students with different learning abilities are capable of composing much longer and better organized texts with genre-based schematic structure and diversified lexicogrammatical resources after experiencing r2l pedagogy. it is hoped that the findings can provide information to improve the teaching of chinese as a second language for non-chinese speaking students in hong kong.
کلیدواژه Functional Grammar ,Chinese Language Education ,R2l Pedagogy
آدرس The University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, The University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, The University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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