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   An Exploratory Study on the Role of L1 Chinese and L2 English in the Cross-Linguistic Influence in L3 French  
نویسنده Cai Hansong ,Cai Luna Jing
منبع International Journal Of Language Studies - 2015 - دوره : 9 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:1 -30
چکیده    This research investigates cross-linguistic influence in the comprehension of l3 french past tense. a close examination was made on the l1 (chinese) and l2 (english) transfer patterns among 20 english majors in their early acquisition of l3 french passé compose (pc). data were collected through introspective think-aloud protocol in a comprehension task and a retrospective interview immediately afterwards. in addition, a grammar test on english past and perfect tenses was conducted as a comparison with their knowledge in the french pc. a significant positive correlation was found between positive transfer in tense and aspect from english and the scores of test on english past and perfect tenses, but no relationship was detected between transfer in tense and aspect and general l2 proficiency. even though a general positive picture of influence from l2 english to l3 french comprehension was observed, a smaller percentage of negative transfer in tense and aspect also received extensive discussion, which provided concrete evidence and implications for the necessity of including l2-l3 contrastive knowledge or translanguaging in l3 instruction as also advocated in recent literature.
کلیدواژه Third Language Acquisition ,Cross-Linguistic Influence (Cli) ,Tense In L3 ,Aspect In L3 ,French Acquisition
آدرس South China Normal University, China, University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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