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   An Investigation on Iranian Efl Learners’ Application of Avoidance Strategies in Their Writings  
نویسنده Pazhakh Abdolreza
منبع International Journal Of Language Studies - 2007 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:1 -14
چکیده    One of the outstanding and the key issues in second language research is the avoidance strategies (ellis, 1994:68). this article aims to explore avoidance strategies found in the english writing of persian efl learners. it is found that that avoidance strategy often takes place at any linguistic level such as lexical and syntactic levels as well as on topic choices as a result of external and internal factors. it seems essential for english teachers to be aware of avoidance phenomenon so as to help their students make proper use of avoidance strategies and reduce their negative effects on english learning.
کلیدواژه Avoidance ,Communication Strategy ,Strategies ,English Writing ,Iranian Efl Learners
آدرس Islamic Azad University At Dezful, ایران

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