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   The Implementation of Process Writing: Writing-Teacher Roles  
نویسنده Baroudy Ismail
منبع International Journal Of Language Studies - 2008 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:1 -18
چکیده    L1 or l2 writing classrooms are regretfully reported to have been undergoing a frustrating experience in developing student-writers’ abilities. this is basically due to the fact that a historic paradigm shift; as that of from product to process writing, has not yet practically occurred in l1/l2 writing pedagogy. in fact, a depressing case as such is readily recognized to be stemming from writing teachers deprived of systematic orientations with the design of such an innovative trend. writing teachers, to actualize their prospective expectations in this regard, are distinguished to urgently require rich and full acquaintance with process teachers’ labeled roles. this study is accordingly conducted to help writing teachers comprehensively conceive and smoothly emulate the indexed roles justifiably allocated for process writing teachers to actualize in the act of teaching writing. consequently, the teaching/learning writing contexts are expected to successfully celebrate witnessing process oriented teachers sincerely abiding by their process roles and enthusiastically implementing genuine process procedures; thus helping their student-writers to eventually undergo experiencing the skill of writing as a meaning making event.
کلیدواژه Process Writing ,Teacher Roles ,Writing Roles ,Efl Composition ,Language Teaching ,Teacher Education
آدرس Shahid Chamran University Of Ahvaz, ایران

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