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   Authenticity Within the Eil Paradigm  
نویسنده Shomoossi Nematullah ,Ketabi Saeed
منبع International Journal Of Language Studies - 2008 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:173 -186
چکیده    This article is intended to examine the relevance of authenticity to the expanding context of english as an international language (eil). through two parallel arguments, we arrive at the conclusion that authenticity should be considered cautiously in the eil context: (1) within eil, while conforming to the native speaker norms in phonology and grammar is necessary, extralinguistic elements can be adapted to the eil situation; and (2) authenticity is a pragmatic factor rather than a textual feature. authenticity within the eil paradigm needs to be considered as the pragmatic appropriateness: appropriate and relevant materials to be included in courses which meet the needs of the learners, whose proficiency levels and attitudes are taken into account by material developers; teachers are another aspect with their empowering input and authenticating abilities. in general, authenticity under the shadow of eil requires the interaction of language, learners, teachers and all contextual factors. while native speakers can contribute to the eil material development, their norms seem not to be vital for the authentication process. the outcome will be expected to be powerful learners with a good command of english who can manage eil situations with mutual understanding at cross-cultural levels.
کلیدواژه English As An International Language ,Eil ,Authenticity ,Appropriateness ,Pragmatics ,Cross-Cultural
آدرس University Of Isfahan, ایران, University Of Isfahan, ایران

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