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   Schema-Based Textual Analysis of Domain-Controlled Authentic Texts  
نویسنده Khodadady Ebrahim
منبع International Journal Of Language Studies - 2008 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 4 - صفحه:431 -446
چکیده    This paper reports a textual analysis of 22 authentic and unmodified newspaper and magazine articles dealing with a current political issue within the period of nine months. the analysis was based on schema theory, which divides all the schemata, i.e., words comprising the articles, into three main categories: semantic, syntactic and parasyntactic. it was hypothesized that the very nature of semantic, syntactic and parasyntactic schemata would render the schemata different in terms of their occurrence within texts analyzed. chi-square tests confirmed the hypothesis and showed that semantic, syntactic, and parasyntactic schemata differ from each other significantly not only in type (x2= 8371.993, df = 2, p < .0001), but also in their subcategorization (x2 = 5866.867, df = 12, p < .0001) and thus endow both schema types and their subsumptions with psychological reality. further descriptive analyses indicated that semantic schemata make up 77% of the whole text whereas parasyntactic and syntactic schemata accounted for only 17% and 6%, respectively. the pedagogical implications of these findings within foreign language teaching and testing context are discussed.
کلیدواژه Schema Theory ,Semantic Schemata ,Texts ,Syntactic Schemata ,Parasyntactic Schemata ,Subcategorization
آدرس Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad, ایران

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