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   Role of Educational and Extension Strategies in the Sustainable Exploitation and Reducing Rangelands Destruction (Case Study: Ilam Province, West of Iran)  
نویسنده Hatamnia T. ,Motamed M. K. ,Abedi Parijaei A.
منبع Caspian Journal Of Environmental Sciences - 2016 - دوره : 14 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:177 -185
چکیده    Rangelands renewable resources play a very important role in ecosystem regulating, preserving plant genetic reservoirs, water cycle as well as providing large parts of forage requirements. these resources were considered to be a basis for sustainable development and also a basic platform for various economic activities. during the recent years in iran, these valuable sources were subjected to strong destruction due to the excessive exploitation and unethical of ranchers. nowadays, it seems necessary to suggest appropriate grazing management programs, organizing systematic exploitation and preventing the destruction of rangelands. the aim of present study was to evaluate the role of educational and extension strategies in reducing rangelands destruction, grazing management and principally organization of its exploitation. statistical community of the present study was ilam province, iran. sample size was calculated using cochran formula as 255 ranchers and individuals were selected using simple randomized sampling method. data were analyzed through spearman correlation co-efficient and mann whitney u test using spss software. results showed that there was no significant relationship between age, number of livestock and the use of educational and extension strategies related to reducing rangeland’s degradation but there was direct and significant relation of gender, education, participation of exploiters in educational and extension training courses and also adoption of educational and extension strategies relate d to reducing rangelands degradation.
کلیدواژه Education And Extension Training Courses ,Sustainable ,Exploitation ,Rangelands
آدرس University Of Guilan, Faculty Of Agricultural Sciences, Department Of Rural Development, ایران, University Of Guilan, Faculty Of Agriculture Science, Department Of Agricultural Economics, ایران, University Of Guilan, Faculty Of Agricultural Sciences, Department Of Rural Development, ایران

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