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   Caspian Journal Of Environmental Sciences   
سال:2021 - دوره:19 - شماره:5

  tick  A Coated Of Ca/Fe Layered Hydroxide Onto A Synthesized Adsorbent From (Banana Peels) For Removal Of Cadmium From Simulated Wastewater - صفحه:825-827

  tick  A Novel Economical Friendly Treatment Approach: Composite Hydrogels - صفحه:841-852

  tick  Antagonistic Effect Of The Promising Fungal Producer Strain Of Microbiopreparation T-1 Trichoderma Sp. On Oil Flax Fusarium Blight - صفحه:883-890

  tick  Antimicrobial Activity Of Silver Nanoparticles Against Proteus Mirabilis Isolated From Patients With Food Diabetes Ulcer - صفحه:853-860

  tick  Application Of Ccme Water Quality Index For Drinking Purpose In Tigris River Within Wasit Province, Iraq - صفحه:781-787

  tick  Application Of Seaweed And Salicylic Acid On Qualitative And Qualitative Traits Of Field Pumpkin, Cucuorbita Pepo L. In Khorramabad, Iran - صفحه:973-979

  tick  Assessment Of Trends Of Air Temperature Based On 140-Year Observations Of V.A. Mikhelson Meteorological Observatory - صفحه:909-914

  tick  Biochemical Responses Of Some Aquatic Plants As Indicators For The Treatment Of Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds In Wastewater (Case Study: Domestic Water Treatment Plant In Babil Governorate, Iraq) - صفحه:1017-1026

  tick  Biological Indicators In The Environmental Monitoring Of Gray Forest Soil Of Agrosystems - صفحه:891-896

  tick  Comparative Analysis Of The Structure Of Planktonic Algae Of The Volga And Kama Rivers Before Their Confluence In The Kuibyshev Reservoir (The Republic Of Tatarstan, Rf) - صفحه:861-870

  tick  Dependence Of Above-Ground Mass Formation Of Sickle Alfalfa On Application Of Different Doses Of Mineral Fertilizers In Terms Of Permafrost Floodplain Soils Of Yakutia, Russia - صفحه:935-938

  tick  Effects Of Heavy Metals In Soil And Plants On Ecosystems And The Economy - صفحه:991-997

  tick  Energy And Economic Efficiency Of Corn Silage Production With Flat Grain Of Soy Bean On Reclaimed Lands Of Upper Volga - صفحه:947-950

  tick  Evaluating The Biological Activities Of Biosynthesized Zno Nanoparticles Using Escherichia Coli - صفحه:809-815

  tick  Features Of Environmentally-Friendly Product Obtaining From Sugar And Fodder Beets In Conditions Of Zinc Contamination Of Sod-Podzolic Sandy Loam Soils - صفحه:939-945

  tick  Genotypic And Environmental Variability Of The Total Content Of Tocopherols In The Seeds Of Inbred Sunflower Lines - صفحه:871-876

  tick  Herbological And Agrotechnological Approaches To Weeding Plants In Modern Flax Growing - صفحه:903-908

  tick  Hydrogels In The Removal Of Industrial Pollution: Adsorption Characteristics For The Removal Of A Toxic Dye From Aqueous Solutions - صفحه:789-799

  tick  Influence Of Cultivation Background Intensification On Spring Wheat Productivity In The Subtaiga Zone Of The Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia - صفحه:929-934

  tick  Influence Of Nitrogen Fertilizers On Protein Productivity Of Vetch-Wheat Grain Under Different Water Supply Conditions - صفحه:951-954

  tick  Innovative Technologies For Cloned Plants Adaptation - صفحه:877-882

  tick  Institutional Mechanisms For Unrelated Agricultural Support In The Russian Federation And The Federal Republic Of Germany - صفحه:955-962

  tick  Isolation And Identification Of Some Fungi From Rhizospheric Soils Of Some Wild Plants At Samarra University, Iraq - صفحه:829-839

  tick  Pollution Of The Volga River Basin With Petroleum Products In The Astrakhan Region, Russia - صفحه:963-972

  tick  Productivity Of Spring Vetch Plants In Single And Mixed Crops Depending On Meteorological Conditions - صفحه:897-902

  tick  Quality Control Of Industrial Hemp Seed Products, Varietal Responsiveness Of Hemp Seeds To Bioregulator Action - صفحه:921-928

  tick  Relationship Between Helicobacter Pylori Infections And Vitamin D Level And Lipid Profile In Some Obese Iraqi Women - صفحه:801-807

  tick  Socio-Economic Development And Its Impact On The Ecological Environment In The Russian Federation - صفحه:981-989

  tick  Spatial Variation Of The (Moist) Damp Soil Properties In Al-Qadisiyah Province, Iraq - صفحه:999-1010

  tick  The Biochemical And Molecular Markers Of Cyprenus Carpio L. After Chronic Exposure To Lead - صفحه:817-824

  tick  The Effects Of Sugars And Growth Regulators On Embryo-And Callusogenesis In Isolated Ovules Culture Of Beetroot, Beta Vulgaris L. - صفحه:1011-1015

  tick  Validation Of Microsatellite Markers To Identify Pl6, Pl8 And Plarg Genes That Control Resistance To Plasmopara Halstedii In Sunflower - صفحه:915-920

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