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   The Ability of Panoramic Radiography in Determining the Relationship of Mandibular Third Molar Roots with the Inferior Alveolar Canal  
نویسنده مشفقی مهکامه
منبع مجله دندانپزشكي جامعه اسلامي دندانپزشكان - 1392 - دوره : 25 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:158 -162
چکیده    AbstractBackground and Aim: Panoramic radiography is the preoperative imaging technique of choice for impacted mandibular third molar surgery. However, controversy exists regard-ing the ability of panoramic radiography in determining the relationship of the mandibular third molar roots with the inferior alveolar canal. This study aimed to assess the ability of panoramic radiography in determining the relationship of mandibular third molar roots with the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) canal.Materials and Methods: This diagnostic accuracy study was conducted on 100 panoramic radiographs that were evaluated by 5 oral and maxillofacial surgery residents. They offered their expert opinion on the relationship of third molars with the IAN canal based on panoramic radiographs. These perspectives were compared with the actual post-surgical findings. Kappa and weighted Kappa reproducibility tests were used for data analysis.Results: Among 100 understudy cases, physical contact between the mandibular third molar roots and the canal was not observed in 88 cases intra-operatively; while this rela-tionship existed in 12 cases. The panoramic radiography had a diagnostic sensitivity of 83.3%, specificity of 83%, positive predictive value of 40% and negative predictive value of 97.3%. The overall accuracy was 85%. Kappa and weighted Kappa coefficients of reproducibility were 61% and 79%, respectively.Conclusion: Panoramic radiography can be confidently used as the most reliable and commonly accessible imaging technique. Considering the obtained negative predictive value, panoramic radiography is capable of revealing the involvement of third molar roots with the IAN canal with 97.3% accuracy. Panoramic radiography had a low diagnostic value in determining the morphology of roots. Key Words: Panoramic radiography , inferior alveolar nerve , third molar
کلیدواژه Panoramic radiography ,inferior alveolar nerve ,third molar
آدرس shahid beheshti university of medical sciences, ایران

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