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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2016 - دوره:21 - شماره:6

  tick  An Investigation Into The Factors Effective In The Consent Of Families With Brain-Dead Patients Candidates For Organ Donation In Isfahan, Iran In 2012-13 - صفحه:605-610

  tick  Assessment Of Hemodialysis Adequacy And Its Relationship With Individual And Personal Factors - صفحه:577-582

  tick  Behavioral Activation And Inhibition System’S Role In Predicting Addictive Behaviors Of Patients With Bipolar Disorder Of Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital - صفحه:616-621

  tick  Effect Of Islam-Based Religious Program On Spiritual Wellbeing In Elderly With Hypertension - صفحه:566-571

  tick  Effect Of Mobile Parenting Skills Education On Anxiety Of The Mothers With Autistic Children - صفحه:572-576

  tick  Evaluating Performance Of The Operational Managers Of Obstetrics And Gynecology Service Providing Wards - صفحه:635-639

  tick  Feedback In The Nonshifting Context Of The Midwifery Clinical Education In Indonesia: A Mixed Methods Study - صفحه:628-634

  tick  Health Beliefs And Stages Of Changes To Improve Behaviors Among Obese And Overweight Women Undergoing Preconception Care - صفحه:595-600

  tick  Identification And Assessment Of Common Errors In The Admission Process Of Patients In Isfahan Fertility And Infertility Center Based On “Failure Modes And Effects Analysis” - صفحه:646-651

  tick  Investigating The Relationship Between Watching Satellite Channels And Intimacy And Marital Satisfaction Of Couples In Isfahan, Iran, In 2014 - صفحه:562-565

  tick  Re: Effect Of Auriculotherapy On Menstrual Irregularities In Single Girls With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome And Aged 18-35 Years In Isfahan In 2012 - صفحه:652-652

  tick  Relationship Between Breastfeeding Factors And Breast Cancer In Women Referred To Seyed Al-Shohada Hospital In Isfahan, Iran - صفحه:622-627

  tick  Relationship Between Observational Learning And Health Belief With Physical Activity Among Adolescents Girl In Isfahan, Iran - صفحه:601-604

  tick  The Effect Of Acupressure On Muscle Cramps In Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis - صفحه:557-561

  tick  The Effect Of Presence Of Trained Husbands Beside Their Wives During Childbirth On Women’S Anxiety - صفحه:611-615

  tick  The Effects Of Motivational Interviewing On Health Promoting Behaviors Of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis - صفحه:640-645

  tick  The Sociological Study Of Nurse-Physician Professional Relationship In Iran - صفحه:583-588

  tick  When Does Spiritual Intelligence Particularly Predict Job Engagement? The Mediating Role Of Psychological Empowerment - صفحه:589-594

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