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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2016 - دوره:21 - شماره:2

  tick  An Integrative Review Of Literature On Determinants Of Nurses’ Organizational Commitment - صفحه:107-117

  tick  Application Of The Health Belief Model And Social Cognitive Theory For Osteoporosis Preventive Nutritional Behaviors In A Sample Of Iranian Women - صفحه:131-141

  tick  Assessment The Effect Of The Cbt On Motivation Of The Nursing Students - صفحه:118-123

  tick  Association Between Playing Computer Games And Mental And Social Health Among Male Adolescents In Iran In 2014 - صفحه:153-158

  tick  Comparing The Effects Of Adaptive Support Ventilation And Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation On Intubation Duration And Hospital Stay After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery - صفحه:207-212

  tick  Development And Psychometric Properties Of A Self-Regulation Scale About Leisure Time Physical Activity In Iranian Male Adolescents - صفحه:183-190

  tick  Effect Of Lavender Scent Inhalation On Prevention Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression In The Postpartum Period - صفحه:197-201

  tick  Effect Of Nebulized Eucalyptus On Contamination Of Microbial Plaque Of Endotracheal Tube In Ventilated Patients - صفحه:165-170

  tick  Effect Of Palady And Cup Feeding On Premature Neonates’ Weight Gain And Reaching Full Oral Feeding Time Interval - صفحه:202-206

  tick  Effect Of Six Sigma Program On The Number Of Surgeries Cancellation - صفحه:191-196

  tick  Evaluating The Effects Of Vitamin D And Vitamin E Supplement On Premenstrual Syndrome: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial - صفحه:159-164

  tick  Play Model For “Evaluation Of Self-Concept Of Children With Cancer” - صفحه:124-130

  tick  The Effect Of A Text Message And Telephone Follow-Up Program On Cardiac Self-Efficacy Of Patients With Coronary Artery Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial - صفحه:171-176

  tick  The Effect Of Acupressure At Third Liver Point On The Anxiety Level In Patients With Primary Dysmenorrhea - صفحه:142-146

  tick  The Knowledge And Attitudes Of Midwives Regarding Legal And Religious Commandments On Induced Abortion And Their Relationship With Some Demographic Characteristics - صفحه:177-182

  tick  The Relation Between Intra- And Interpersonal Factors And Food Consumption Level Among Iranian Adolescent Girls - صفحه:147-152

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