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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2014 - دوره:19 - شماره:6

  tick  Comparative Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of Herbal Drugs (Fennelin And Vitagnus) And Mefenamic Acid In The Treatment Of Primary Dysmenorrhea - صفحه:581-584

  tick  Comparison Of Childbirth Training Workshop Effects On Knowledge, Attitude, And Delivery Method Between Mothers And Couples Groups Referring To Isfahan Health Centers In Iran - صفحه:653-658

  tick  Comparison Of The Effect Of Aromatherapy With Jasminum Officinale And Salvia Officinale On Pain Severity And Labor Outcome In Nulliparous Women - صفحه:666-672

  tick  Effect Of Applying Cold Gel Pack On The Pain Associated With Deep Breathing And Coughing After Open Heart Surgery - صفحه:545-549

  tick  Effect Of Subcutaneous Enoxaparin Injection Duration On Bruising Size In Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients - صفحه:564-568

  tick  Effect Of Using Static Ultrasound Technique On Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters’ Insertion Success Rate In Neonates In A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - صفحه:643-646

  tick  Effects Of Needs-Assessment–Based Psycho-Education Of Schizophrenic Patients’ Families On The Severity Of Symptoms And Relapse Rate Of Patients - صفحه:558-563

  tick  Experiences Of Adult Smokers From The Concepts Of Smoking: A Content Analysis - صفحه:550-557

  tick  Investigating The Effect Of An Education Plan Based On The Health Belief Model On The Physical Activity Of Women Who Are At Risk For Hypertension - صفحه:647-652

  tick  Iranian Nurses’ Experience Of Essential Technical Competences In Disaster Response: A Qualitative Content Analysis Study - صفحه:585-592

  tick  Nursing Handover: Are Its Principles Taught In Universities During Bachelor’S Degree? - صفحه:679-679

  tick  Quality Of Life In Multiple Sclerosis (Ms) And Role Of Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, And Stress: A Bicenter Study From North Of Iran - صفحه:593-599

  tick  Risk Of Early Menopausal Symptoms In Clinical Workers - صفحه:569-573

  tick  Several Food Items And Multiple Sclerosis: A Case-Control Study In Ahvaz (Iran) - صفحه:659-665

  tick  Sources Of Hope: Perception Of Iranian Family Members Of Patients In The Intensive Care Unit - صفحه:635-642

  tick  The Effect Of A Family Need-Based Program On Burden Of Caregivers Of Leukemia Patients In Isfahan In 2013-2014 - صفحه:629-634

  tick  The Effect Of Earplugs And Eye Mask On Patients’ Perceived Sleep Quality In Intensive Care Unit - صفحه:673-678

  tick  The Effect Of Lavender Essential Oil On Anxiety Level In Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: A Double-Blinded Randomized Clinical Trial - صفحه:574-580

  tick  The Effect Of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Method On Test Anxiety In Nursing Students - صفحه:607-612

  tick  The Evaluation Of Reproductive Health Phd Program In Iran: The Input Indicators Analysis - صفحه:620-628

  tick  The Utilization Rate Of Antenatal Care After Health Sector Reform Implementation In Rural Areas Of Islamic Republic Of Iran - صفحه:613-619

  tick  “Parents A Dead End Life”: The Main Experiences Of Parents Of Children With Leukemia - صفحه:600-606

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