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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2013 - دوره:18 - شماره:6

  tick  A Comparative Study On Vaccination Pain In The Methods Of Massage Therapy And Mothers’ Breast Feeding During Injection Of Infants Referring To Navabsafavi Health Care Center In Isfahan - صفحه:494-498

  tick  Cultural Self-Efficacy Of Baccalaureate Nursing Students In A Greek University - صفحه:446-450

  tick  Effect Of Acupressure On Fatigue In Patients On Hemodialysis - صفحه:429-434

  tick  Effect Of Telenursing (Telephone Follow-Up) On Glycemic Control And Body Mass Index (Bmi) Of Type 2 Diabetes Patients - صفحه:451-456

  tick  Iranian Nurses’ Experiences Of Brain Dead Donors Care In Intensive Care Units: A Phenomenological Study - صفحه:475-482

  tick  Psychometric Properties Of The Farsi Version Of Modified Multidimensional Sexual Self-Concept Questionnaire - صفحه:439-445

  tick  Satisfaction Of Women From Cesarean Section Care Services In Public And Private Hospitals Of Tabriz - صفحه:435-438

  tick  Serum Levels Of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Α, Interleukin-15 And Interleukin-10 In Patients With Pre-Eclampsia In Comparison With Normotensive Pregnant Women - صفحه:463-466

  tick  Supportive Relationship: Experiences Of Iranian Students And Teachers Concerning Student-Teacher Relationship In Clinical Nursing Education - صفحه:467-474

  tick  The Clients’ Readiness To Use Mental Health Care Services: Experiences And Perceptions From Iranian Context - صفحه:488-493

  tick  The Effect Of Learning Via Module Versus Lecture Teaching Methods On The Knowledge And Practice Of Oncology Nurses About Safety Standards With Cytotoxic Drugs In Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:483-487

  tick  The Process Of Community Health Nursing Clinical Clerkship: A Grounded Theory - صفحه:457-462

  tick  The Relationship Between Mode Of Delivery And Postpartum Physical And Mental Health Related Quality Of Life - صفحه:499-504

  tick  The Relationship Of Depression With Restless Leg Syndrome In Hemodialysis Patient’S Dialysis Centers In Chaharmahal And Bakhtiari 2011 - صفحه:511-513

  tick  University Engagement And Collaborative Learning In Nursing Students Of Kerman University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:505-510

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