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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2013 - دوره:18 - شماره:5

  tick  A Grounded Theory Approach To Understand The Process Of Decision Making On Fertility Control Methods In Urban Society Of Mashhad, Iran - صفحه:408-415

  tick  Association Between Menstruation Signs And Anxiety, Depression, And Stress In School Girls In Mashhad In 2011-2012 - صفحه:402-407

  tick  Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Combination Of Fennel Extract/Vitamin E With Ibuprofen On The Pain Intensity In Students With Primary Dysmenorrhea - صفحه:355-359

  tick  Determining Job Satisfaction Of Nurses Working In Hospitals Of Iran: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis - صفحه:343-348

  tick  Developing An Instrument To Measure The Influential Factors On Career Choice Among Iranian Nursing Students - صفحه:396-401

  tick  Development And Evaluation Of A Nutritional Health Program For Adolescents - صفحه:425-427

  tick  Effect Of Self-Efficacy Enhancement Program On Self-Care Behaviors In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - صفحه:421-424

  tick  Effects Of Anxiety Reduction Training On Physiological Indices And Serum Cortisol Levels Before Elective Surgery - صفحه:416-420

  tick  Effects Of Nurses’ Practice Of A Sedation Protocol On Sedation And Consciousness Levels Of Patients On Mechanical Ventilation - صفحه:391-395

  tick  Lived Experiences Of Pediatric Oncology Nurses In Iran - صفحه:349-354

  tick  Relationship Between Adequacy Of Prenatal Care Utilization Index And Pregnancy Outcomes - صفحه:360-366

  tick  The Effect Of Aquatic Exercises On Primary Dysmenorrhoea In Nonathlete Girls - صفحه:378-383

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Risk Management Program On Pediatric Nurses’ Medication Error - صفحه:371-377

  tick  The Outcomes Of Health Care Process In Iran’S Rural Society - صفحه:384-390

  tick  The Role Of Nurse Practitioners In Health Sector Reform In Iran (2011) - صفحه:367-370

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