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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2012 - دوره:17 - شماره:6

  tick  A Study Of Relationship Between The Organizational Justice And Organizational Citizenship Behavior Among Nurses In Selected Hospitals Of Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:456-460

  tick  Association Of The Folic Acid Consumption And Its Serum Levels With Preeclampsia In Pregnant Women - صفحه:461-466

  tick  Function Of Nurses And Other Staff To Minimize Hospital Waste In Selected Hospitals In Isfahan - صفحه:445-450

  tick  Impact Of Exercise On Affective Responses In Female Adolescents With Type I Diabetes - صفحه:434-439

  tick  Quality Of Sleep And Its Related Risk Factors In Hospitalized Older Patients In Kashan’S Hospitals, Iran 2009 - صفحه:414-420

  tick  Satisfaction Levels About Hospital Wards’ Environment Among Adolescents Hospitalized In Adult Wards Vs. Pediatric Ones - صفحه:430-433

  tick  Stressors In Clinical Nursing Education In Iran: A Systematic Review - صفحه:399-407

  tick  Survey Of Critical Thinking And Clinical Decision Making In Nursing Student Of Kerman University - صفحه:440-444

  tick  The Effect Of A Care Program On Pain Intensity Of Cancer Patients Who Underwent Surgery And Hospitalized In Sayyed-Al-Shohada Hospital Of Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences In 2011 - صفحه:408-413

  tick  The Effect Of Psycho-Educational Intervention On The Life Quality Of Major Depressive Patients Referred To Hospitals Affiliated To Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences In Shiraz-Iran - صفحه:425-429

  tick  The Effect Of Yoga On Coping Strategies Among Intensive Care Unit Nurses - صفحه:421-424

  tick  The Relationship Between Organizational Trust And Nurse Administrators’ Productivity In Hospitals - صفحه:451-455

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