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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2012 - دوره:17 - شماره:2

  tick  A Comparative Study On Sexual Dysfunctions Before And After Menopause - صفحه:S72-S75

  tick  A Comparison Of Performing Tube Feeding With The Standard Procedures At Selected Educational And Treatment Centers Of Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences, Iran - صفحه:S80-S84

  tick  Affective Responses Of The Parents After Diagnosis Of Type 1 Diabetes In Children - صفحه:S96-S100

  tick  C-Reactive Protein Of Serum And Peritoneal Fluid In Endometriosis - صفحه:S115-S119

  tick  Challenges Of Interprofessional Collaboration In Iranian Mental Health Services: A Qualitative Investigation - صفحه:S171-S177

  tick  Comparison Of Neonatal Growth In Normal, Low And Very Low Birth Weights Until 18 Months - صفحه:S131-S136

  tick  Effectiveness Of Massage Therapy On The Mood Of Patients After Open-Heart Surgery - صفحه:S120-S124

  tick  Experiences Of Blind Children Caregivers - صفحه:S143-S149

  tick  Iranian Nursing Students’ Experiences Of Nursing - صفحه:S107-S114

  tick  Lived Experiences Of Women With Ischemic Heart Disease - صفحه:137-142

  tick  Migraine And Its Relationship With Dietary Habits In Women - صفحه:S65-S71

  tick  Nursing Professional Identity: An Infant Or One With Alzheimer - صفحه:S178-S186

  tick  Patients' Experiences From Their Received Education About The Process Of Kidney Transplant: A Qualitative Study - صفحه:S157-S164

  tick  Reviewing And Comparing Self-Concept In Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis And Peritoneal Dialysis - صفحه:S85-S90

  tick  Reviewing The Effects Of An Educational Program About Sepsis Care On Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Of Nurses In Intensive Care Units - صفحه:S91-S95

  tick  The Duration Of The Third Stage Of Labor And Related Factors - صفحه:S76-S79

  tick  The Effects Of Peer Support Group On Promoting Quality Of Life In Patients With Breast Cancer - صفحه:S125-S130

  tick  The Relationship Between Mother'S Parenting Style And Social Adaptability Of Adolescent Girls In Isfahan - صفحه:S101-S106

  tick  The Relationship Of Hemoglobin And Hematocrit In The First And Second Half Of Pregnancy With Pregnancy Outcome - صفحه:S165-S170

  tick  Women’S Experience Regarding The Role Of Health Centers In Empowering Them For Family Planning - صفحه:S150-S156

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