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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2014 - دوره:19 - شماره:2

  tick  A Comparative Study On Managers’, Staffs’ And Clients’ Viewpoints About Organizational And Structural Obstacles In Family Planning Counseling In Health-Care Centers In Isfahan In 2012 - صفحه:180-186

  tick  A Memorandum Of “World Heart Day 2013” – Stroke Mortality Among Women In Birjand, East Of Iran - صفحه:215-215

  tick  A Randomized Comparison Of Vitamin B6 And Dimenhydrinate In The Treatment Of Nausea And Vomiting In Early Pregnancy - صفحه:199-202

  tick  Comparison Of The Effect Of Multimedia And Illustrated Booklet Educational Methods On Women’S Knowledge Of Prenatal Care - صفحه:127-137

  tick  Compliance To Treatment In Patients With Chronic Illness: A Concept Exploration - صفحه:159-167

  tick  Emotional Intelligence And Related Factors In Medical Sciences Students Of An Iranian University - صفحه:203-207

  tick  Factors Associated With Complications Of Vascular Access Site In Hemodialysis Patients In Isfahan Aliasghar Hospital - صفحه:208-214

  tick  Investigating The Effect Of Family-Focused Nursing Intervention On Caregiver Burden Of The Family Members Of The Patients Undergoing Coronary Bypass Surgery In Isfahan Shahid Chamran Hospital During 2012 - صفحه:187-192

  tick  Iranian Effective Clinical Nurse Instructor Evaluation Tool: Development And Psychometric Testing - صفحه:132-138

  tick  Parents’ Participation In Taking Care Of Hospitalized Children: A Concept Analysis With Hybrid Model - صفحه:139-144

  tick  Psychometric Properties Of Persian Version Of The Caring Dimension Inventory (Pcdi-25) - صفحه:173-179

  tick  Seeking New Identity Through The Empowerment Process - صفحه:145-151

  tick  The Effect Of A Supportive Educational Program Based On Cope Model On Caring Burden And Quality Of Life In Family Caregivers Of Women With Breast Cancer - صفحه:119-126

  tick  The Effect Of Massage Therapy On The Quality Of Sleep In Breast Cancer Patients - صفحه:113-118

  tick  The Effect Of Tai Chi Exercise On Quality Of Life In Hemodialysis Patients - صفحه:152-158

  tick  The Effects Of Earmuff On Physiologic And Motor Responses In Premature Infants Admitted In Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - صفحه:107-112

  tick  Time Management Behaviors Of Head Nurses And Staff Nurses Employed In Tehran Social Security Hospitals, Iran In 2011 - صفحه:193-198

  tick  Woman’S Experiences Of Applying For A Divorce - صفحه:168-172

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