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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2022 - دوره:27 - شماره:2

  tick  Association Between Socioeconomic Status And Homeostasis Model Assessment-Insulin Resistance Index And Mediating Variables At The First Trimester Of Pregnancy - صفحه:166-168

  tick  Comparative Study Of The Effect Of Three Oral Care Protocols On Ventilator‑Associated Pneumonia In Critically Ill Patients: A Clinical Trial - صفحه:99-105

  tick  Comparing The Effectiveness Of Arnebia Euchroma With Clotrimazolevaginal Cream For The Treatment Of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis: A Randomized Controlled Triple-Blind Trial - صفحه:112-118

  tick  Concerns And Challenges Of Living Donors When Making Decisions On Organ Donation: A Qualitative Study - صفحه:149-156

  tick  Effect Of Implementing A Life Skills Program On The Perceptions Of Aging And Self-Efficacy In Postmenopausal Women: A Field Trial - صفحه:157-162

  tick  Health Anxiety Among Nurses Caring For Patients With Covid‑19 - صفحه:139-143

  tick  Humanistic Care In Nursing: Concept Analysis Using Rodgers’ Evolutionary Approach - صفحه:83-91

  tick  Needlestick Injury And Psychomotor Performance As Measured By Pursuit‑Aiming Test In Health‑Care Professionals - صفحه:163-165

  tick  Nurses As Gifted Artists In Caring: An Analysis Of Nursing Care Concept - صفحه:125-133

  tick  Post‑Traumatic Stress Disorder And Its Related Factors In Nurses Caring For Covid‑19 Patients - صفحه:106-111

  tick  Psychological Impact Of The Covid‑19 On Hospitalized Patients: A Qualitative Study - صفحه:92-98

  tick  Psychometric Properties Of Persian Version Of The Bakas Caregiving Outcomes Scale - صفحه:134-138

  tick  The Effects Of Passive Blinking On Exposure Keratopathy Among Patients In Intensive Care Units - صفحه:144-148

  tick  The Relationship Between Professional Autonomy And Job Stress Among Intensive Care Unit Nurses: A Descriptive Correlational Study - صفحه:119-124

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