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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2022 - دوره:27 - شماره:1

  tick  Blinding And Its Quality In Clinical Trials Conducted On Patients With Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Comparing The Fertility Desire And Related Factors In Mothers With Intellectually Disabled Children And Mothers With Healthy Children - صفحه:18-23

  tick  Comparing The Relationship Between Iranian Clinical Educators’ Teaching Behaviors And Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Professional Behaviors - صفحه:54-59

  tick  Designing A Supportive Program Based On The Real Needs Of Mothers With Children Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Qualitative Study - صفحه:60-66

  tick  Effect Of Communication Skills Training Using The Calgary‑Cambridge Model On Interviewing Skills Among Midwifery Students: A RandomizedControlled Trial - صفحه:24-29

  tick  Effectiveness Of Developmentally Supportive Education Program On Nursing Knowledge Of Retinopathy Of Prematurity In Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - صفحه:67-70

  tick  Letter To Editor: Sharing Medical Adherence Responsibilities Together: An Approach For Promoting Responsibility And Solidarity In Human Immunodeficiency Virus Serodiscordant Couples - صفحه:82-82

  tick  Letter To Editor: Value Based Education And Critical Clinical Settings - صفحه:81-81

  tick  Telerehabilitation And Monitoring Physical Activity In Patient With Breast Cancer: Systematic Review - صفحه:8-17

  tick  The Effect Of A Spiritual Care Program On The Self Esteem Of Patients With Cancer: A Quasi Experimental Study - صفحه:71-74

  tick  The Effect Of Peer Teaching On The Quality Of Report Writing Based On The Nursing Process - صفحه:75-80

  tick  The Effects Of Kinesio Tape On Low Back Pain And Disability In Pregnant Women - صفحه:41-46

  tick  The Experiences Of Nurses Of Infectious And Non Infectious Wards Of Caring Covid-19 Patients In A Big Hospital In Iran: A Qualitative Study - صفحه:35-40

  tick  Theory‑Practice Gap: The Knowledge And Perception Of Nigerian Nurses - صفحه:30-34

  tick  Validation Of The Persian Version Of Health Professionals Communication Skills Scale - صفحه:47-53

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