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   Motivation For Healing in Cancer Patients: A Qualitative Study  
نویسنده Hosseini Fatemeh ,Masoudi Alavi Negin ,Mohammadi Eesa ,Sadat Zohreh
منبع Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research - 2021 - دوره : 26 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:555 -561
چکیده    Background: studies have revealed that motivation plays a vital role in a person’s ability to heal. the nature of motivation for healing in cancer patients is unknown. the aim of this study was to explore the meaning of motivation for healing in cancer patients. materials and methods: a qualitative research approach was used as the study design. data were collected using individual semi‑structured interviews and the themes were derived from the data using the inductive content analysis method. the patients consisted of 34 cancer patients, 4 family members, 1 psychologist, 1 oncologist, and 3 nurses. the participants were interviewed in the cancer clinics or chemotherapy wards. results: based on the results of the interviews, three main themes and seven categories were determined. the themes were identified as (i) the desire to survive, (ii) a spirit of optimism, and (iii) belongingness and responsibility. conclusions: the results of this study could be used by researchers to develop tools to measure motivation in cancer patients, and to design intervention mechanisms to enhance the patients’ motivation in cancer care. moreover, a better understanding of motivation can improve psychosocial support in oncology nursing.
کلیدواژه Patients ,Motivation ,Oncology Nursing ,Qualitative Research
آدرس Kashan University Of Medical Sciences, Faculty Of Nursing And Midwifery, Iran, Kashan University Of Medical Sciences, Trauma Nursing Research Center, Iran, Tarbiat Modares University, Faculty Of Medical Sciences, Nursing Department, Iran, Kashan University Of Medical Sciences, Trauma Nursing Research Center, Iran

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