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   The Effects of Self‑Compassion Education on the Self‑Efficacy of the Clinical Performance of Nursing Students  
نویسنده Moeini Mahin ,Sarikhani-Khorrami Esmaeil ,Ghamarani Amir
منبع Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research - 2019 - دوره : 24 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:469 -471
چکیده    Background: the objective of the present research was to assess the influence of self‑compassion training on the self‑efficacy of clinical performance in nursing students, owing to the significance of proposing novel approaches to ameliorating efficiency in nursing students, underscoring the growth of positive psychologic aspects, such as self‑compassion. materials and methods: the present study is a field research conducted in 2016 where 52 internship nurses were chosen via simple random sampling and were randomly divided into two groups (intervention and control); these two groups were compared in two phases: prior to and following the intervention. self‑efficacy of clinical performance, as a standard questionnaire, was collected from the samples. data were analyzed through the use of paired t‑test, independent t‑test, chi‑square, mann‑‑whitney tests. results: independent t‑test indicated that, compared with the control group, the efficaciousness of students’ self‑efficacy of clinical performance in the intervention group noticeably increased (t54 = 6, p < 0.001). conclusions: in nursing students, self‑compassion training enhances their effective clinical performance.
کلیدواژه Nursing ,Nursing Process ,Self‑Compassion ,Self‑Efficacy ,Students
آدرس Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences, Nursing And Midwifery Care Research Center, Faculty Of Nursing And Midwifery, Iran, Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences, Student Of Research Center, Faculty Of Nursing And Midwifery, Department Of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Iran, Isfahan University, Faculty Member Of Education And Psychology School, Research Center Of Positive Psychology And Happiness, Department Of Psychology And Education Of Children With Special Needs, Iran
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