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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2011 - دوره:16 - شماره:1

  tick  Designing The Vocal Alarm And Improving Medical Ventilator - صفحه:26-33

  tick  Dissatisfaction With Contraceptive Methods - صفحه:79-82

  tick  Effect Of End-Of-Life Care Education On The Attitudes Of Nurses In Infants’ And Children’S Wards - صفحه:93-99

  tick  Effect Of Heat Therapy On Pain Severity In Primigravida Women - صفحه:113-116

  tick  Experiences Of Nursing Students In Caring Of Patients In Source Isolation - صفحه:13-19

  tick  Knowledge, Awareness, Attitudes And Practice About Hypertension In Hypertensive Patients Referring To Public Health Care Centers In Khoor & Biabanak - صفحه:34-40

  tick  Prevalence Of Hbsag And High-Risk Behaviors In Pregnant Women Rerring To Urban Health Centers In Isfahan Province - صفحه:47-54

  tick  Psychiatric Team S Experience Of Working In Psychiatric Wards - صفحه:20-25

  tick  Reviewing The Effect Of Nursing Interventions On Delirious Patients Admitted To Intensive Care Unit Of Neurosurgery Ward In Al-Zahra Hospital, Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:106-112

  tick  Reviewing The Parental Standpoint About Origin Of The Dental Fear In Children Referred To Dentistry Centers Of Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:133-139

  tick  Sources Of Occupational Stress And Coping Strategies Among Nurses Who Work In Admission And Emergency Departments Of Hospitals Related To Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:41-46

  tick  Spiritual Care In Hospitalized Patients - صفحه:125-132

  tick  The Comparative Examination Of The Effect Of Two Oxytocin Administration Methods Of Labor Induction On Labor Duration Stages - صفحه:100-105

  tick  The Effect Of Breastfeeding, Oral Sucrose And Combination Of Oral Sucrose And Breastfeeding In Infant’S Pain Relief During Vaccination - صفحه:1-7

  tick  The Effect Of Massage Therapy On Blood Pressure Of Women With Pre-Hypertension - صفحه:61-70

  tick  The Effect Of Reflexotherapy On Patients Vital Signs Before Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery - صفحه:8-12

  tick  The Effect Of Self-Care On The Lives Of Children Suffering From Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia - صفحه:71-78

  tick  The Effect Of Tai Chi Exercise On The Sleep Quality Of The Elderly Residents In Isfahan, Sadeghieh Elderly Home - صفحه:55-60

  tick  The Relationship Between Family Planning Methods, Individual Hygiene, And Fertility With Vaginal Infections Among The Women Referring To Selected Health Centers In Isfahan City - صفحه:83-92

  tick  Why Differences Exist? An Interpretive Approach To Nurses Perceptions Of Cancer Patients Quality Of Life - صفحه:117-124

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