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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2010 - دوره:15 - شماره:4

  tick  A Comparative Study On The Effects Of Hypericum Perforatum And Passion Flower On The Menopausal Symptoms Of Women Referring To Isfahan City Health Care Centers - صفحه:202-207

  tick  Ambiguity In Knowledge Transfer: The Role Of Theory-Practice Gap - صفحه:155-166

  tick  Comparing The Effects Of Yasmin® And Ldtm (Low-Dose Estrogen) As Contraceptive Methods On Menstrual Cycle Changes In Women Referred To The Health Care Centers Of Isfahan - صفحه:252-258

  tick  Do Nurses Provide Holistic Care To Cancer Patients? - صفحه:245-251

  tick  Effect Of Aromatherapy On Pruritus Relief In Hemodialysis Patients - صفحه:240-244

  tick  Effect Of Aromatherapy On The Quality Of Sleep In Ischemic Heart Disease Patients Hospitalized In Intensive Care Units Of Heart Hospitals Of The Isfahan University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:234-239

  tick  Evaluation Of Needle Stick Injuries Among Nurses Of Khanevadeh Hospital In Tehran - صفحه:172-177

  tick  Evaluation Of Quality Of Working Life And Its Association With Job Performance Of The Nurses - صفحه:224-228

  tick  Nursing Students’ Immediate Responses To Distressed Clients Based On Orlando’S Theory - صفحه:178-184

  tick  Reviewing Sexual Function After Delivery And Its Association With Some Of The Reproductive Factors - صفحه:220-223

  tick  The Effect Of Acquiring Life Skills Through Humor On Social Adjustment Rate Of The Female Students - صفحه:195-201

  tick  The Effect Of Exercise On The Severity Of The Fatigue In Colorectal Cancer Patients Who Received Chemotherapy In Ahwaz - صفحه:145-149

  tick  The Effect Of Relaxation Techniques To Ease The Stress In Infertile Women - صفحه:259-264

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Stress Management Training Program On Depression, Anxiety And Stress Of The Nursing Students - صفحه:208-215

  tick  The Effects Of Massage Therapy On Dysmenorrhea Caused By Endometriosis - صفحه:167-171

  tick  The Effects Of Supine And Prone Positions On Oxygenation In Premature Infants Undergoing Mechanical Ventilation - صفحه:229-233

  tick  The Relationship Between Knowledge Of Ergonomic Science And The Occupational Health Among Nursing Staff Affiliated To Golestan University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:185-189

  tick  The Relationship Between Work-Family Conflict And The Level Of Self-Efficacy In Female Nurses In Alzahra Hospital - صفحه:190-194

  tick  The Role Of Community Health Nurses In Behavioral Modification Of Parents Of Children - صفحه:216-219

  tick  The Study Of Optimal Nursing Position In Health Care Delivery System In Iran - صفحه:150-154

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