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   Iranian Journal Of Nursing And Midwifery Research   
سال:2018 - دوره:23 - شماره:3

  tick  Association Between Outcome Of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury And Demographic, Clinical, Injury‑Related Variables Of Patients - صفحه:211-216

  tick  Association Between The Religious Coping Of Infertile People With Their Own Quality Of Life And Their Spouses’: A Correlation Study In Iranian Infertile Couples - صفحه:198-204

  tick  Determining The Expected Competencies For Oncology Nursing: A Needs Assessment Study - صفحه:188-192

  tick  Ethical Considerations In Sexual Health Research: A Narrative Review - صفحه:157-166

  tick  Evaluation Of Ethical Attitude Approaches In Midwives And Their Relationship With Their Demographic Features - صفحه:193-197

  tick  Improving Nursing Students’ Learning Outcomes In Fundamentals Of Nursing Course Through Combination Of Traditional And E‑Learning Methods - صفحه:217-221

  tick  Occupational Stressors In Nurses And Nursing Adverse Events - صفحه:230-234

  tick  Performance Of Healthcare Providers Regarding Iranian Women Experiencing Physical Domestic Violence In Isfahan - صفحه:205-210

  tick  Performance Of Icu Nurses In Providing Respiratory Care - صفحه:178-182

  tick  Self‑Care Education Needs In Gestational Diabetes Tailored To The Iranian Culture: A Qualitative Content Analysis - صفحه:222-229

  tick  The Effect Of Empowerment Program On Maternal Discharge Preparation And Neonatal Length Of Hospital Stay: A Randomized Controlled Trial - صفحه:172-177

  tick  The Relationship Between Family Functioning And Academic Achievement In Female High School Students Of Isfahan, Iran, In 2013–2014 - صفحه:183-187

  tick  The Relationship Between Perceived Social Support In The First Pregnancy And Fear Of Childbirth - صفحه:235-239

  tick  The Relationship Between Psychological Wellbeing And Body Image In Pregnant Women - صفحه:167-171

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