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   Study of Proteus Mirabilis Infections in Al-Nassiria City  
نویسنده Hassen Talib Falih
منبع مجلة جامعة ذي قار - 2008 - دوره : 3 - شماره : 4 - صفحه:9 -17
چکیده    Two hundred- ninety seven clinical samples were collected from two hospitals in al- nassria city which includes, general al-nassiria hospital and pediatric hospital since june 2005 to april 2006 and found 129 cases was caused by proteus mirabilis as follows: urinary tract infections 63(48.8%) , bacteremia 45 (34.8%)and wound and burn infections 21(16.2%). the percentage of infections in male was (59%) higher than female (41%).the age distribution varied from one day to seventy years .the peak incidence was between less than ten years(age group -1-) 31(24%) followed by 51-60 years (age group -6-) 29 (22.4%).the most effective antibiotics were chloromphenicol 83.7% and ciprofloxacin 79% followed by norfloxacin ,tobramycin and gentamycin, 75.9 , 75.19 and 73.6% respectively , while this bacterium occurred resistant to amoxicillin 38% , carbenicillin37.3% and cefotaxime 33.4%.in our study 12(9.3%) of proteus mirabilis isolates were multi resistance isolates and β - lactamase producing.
آدرس Nassiria Technical Institute, Medical Department, Iraq

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