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   International Journal Of Linguistics, Literature And Translation (Ijllt)   
سال:2019 - دوره:2 - شماره:4

  tick  The Effect Of Linguistic Landscape On Palestinians Language Attitudes Towards Hebrew In The West Bank - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Powerquest: Scaffolding The Lebanese Efl University Students’ Writing In A Public Speaking Class - صفحه:12-19

  tick  Simulation And Hyperreality In A Scanner Darkly - صفحه:20-28

  tick  A Study Of Conjunctions And Codeswitching Among Some Ewe-English Bilinguals - صفحه:29-37

  tick  A Study On Quality Assessment Of The Translation Of An Abstract Text English Idioms Errors Made By Jordanian Efl Undergraduate Students By Google Translate - صفحه:38-49

  tick  Inter-Genres In Arabic Visual Poetry And The Levels Of Fusion Between Linguistic Texts And Non-Linguistic Art Forms - صفحه:50-65

  tick  Resultative Constructions In Toba Batak Language - صفحه:66-69

  tick  Male Characters’ Expressive Speech Act On Romantic Speech Events In New Moon - صفحه:70-79

  tick  Points Of View And Modality In The Discourses Of Homosexuality In Selected Nigerian Newspapers - صفحه:80-88

  tick  History (And/Or Historicity) Of Ecocriticism And Ecocritical History: An Introductory Overview - صفحه:89-102

  tick  Green Romanic Tradition And Ecocriticism - صفحه:103-129

  tick  Translation Of The Book Titled “Authentication Of Hadith: Redefining The Criteria” From English Into Swahili: An Analysis Of Translation Procedures - صفحه:130-136

  tick  Socio-Onomastic Traits In Basotho Racehorse Names - صفحه:137-149

  tick  2019 Indonesia Presidential-Vice Presidential Debate In Corpus Linguistics Perspective - صفحه:150-156

  tick  Translation Of Traditional Chinese Culture And Its Modern Cross-Cultural Communication - صفحه:157-163

  tick  Incorporating Ethics-Awareness Competence In China Translator-Training Programme - صفحه:164-170

  tick  The Woman Portrayal In The Works Of Iranian Novelists - صفحه:171-179

  tick  The Conceptual Metaphors Of Building And Construction In Newspaper And Research Article - صفحه:180-189

  tick  Null Subjects In Palenquero: Do They Really Exist? - صفحه:190-202

  tick  Politeness Strategies Of Request Used Between Libyan Students And Their Lecturers Using English As A Foreign Language - صفحه:203-212

  tick  How Can The Translator Match The Differences In Grammar And Lexicon Between The Source And Target Languages? - صفحه:213-218

  tick  The Efl Learners’ Fossilization Of The / Θ / And / Ð / Sounds. Case Study: First Year Efl Students At Tahri Mohamed University, Bechar, Algeria - صفحه:219-228

  tick  War And English Poetry: From Old English To Modernism - صفحه:229-237

  tick  Assessment Of Arabic-English Translation Produced By Google Translate - صفحه:238-247

  tick  Translation Method And Ideology Of Sexist Attitudes In Novel Entitled Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk - صفحه:248-254

  tick  Writer As Clairvoyant: A Pragmatic-Onomastic Study Of Soyinka’S The Road And Ibadan’S Socio-Political Situation In 1999-2009 - صفحه:255-261

  tick  Translators As Decision Makers: A Dialogue Protocol Study Of Equivalence In Political Texts - صفحه:262-271

  tick  A Study Of Memory And Psychological Defense Mechanism In Julian Barnes’S The Sense Of An Ending - صفحه:272-280

  tick  Inferences Drawn From Professional Development Programs Held In English Language Department Of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University - صفحه:281-289

  tick  A Comparison On The Survival And Retention Of The Tamil Language Among The Tamil Migrants In Malaysia And Mauritius - صفحه:290-301

  tick  The Sociolinguistic Impacts Of Language Contact On Nigerian Pidgin Usage - صفحه:302-308

  tick  Iranian Intellectuals And Class Conflict In Akbar Radi’S Melody Of A Rainy City - صفحه:309-316

  tick  The Arabic Literary Theorists Vis-Avis Al-Sariqah Al-ShiʻRiyyah (Plagiarism) In The Medieval Period : Ḍiyāʼ Al-Dīn Ibn Al-Athīr (D. 637ah) As A Locus Classicus - صفحه:317-325

  tick  A Lacanian Reading Of Hamlet And Caligula: Death Drive - صفحه:326-331

  tick  Does Place Affect The Use Of Taboo Words? - صفحه:332-337

  tick  Abu Mansur Al-Saalibi And His Activity In The Field Of Writing Tazkirah (Anthology) - صفحه:338-342

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