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   International Journal Of Linguistics, Literature And Translation (Ijllt)   
سال:2019 - دوره:2 - شماره:3

  tick  Orality, Storytelling & The Metafictional Space Of Narration In Stephen Crane’S The Red Badge Of Courage - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Archetypal Heroes Of The Epic Of Kings And The Epic Of Gilgamesh: Rostam And Gilgamesh Are Mirroring Myths - صفحه:6-11

  tick  The Collapse Of The American Dream During The Great Depression In John Steinbeck’S Of Mice And Men - صفحه:12-18

  tick  Teachers’ And Students’ Perceptions Of Using L1 In The Esp Classroom: A Case Of Medical English At An Applied Medical College In Saudi Arabia - صفحه:19-35

  tick  A Twentieth-Century Countrywoman In Steinbeck’S ‘The Chrysanthemums’: A SocioCultural Study Of Opression - صفحه:36-41

  tick  Morphophonemic Variations In The Saraiki Language - صفحه:42-53

  tick  Women As Other: A Comparative Study Of A Room Of One’S Own And The Grass Is Singing - صفحه:54-60

  tick  The Impact Of Technology Term To Language Interference: The Use Of English Language Term In Students' Daily Conversation - صفحه:61-70

  tick  The Perspective Of Medical Communication On The Biomedical Model Of Practice And Patient Centeredness: A Review Of The Language Of Medical Case Presentation Genre - صفحه:71-80

  tick  Ethics In A City “Too Busy To Hate”: Tom Wolfe’S A Man In Full - صفحه:81-89

  tick  Creating Pseudo-Intimacy Through Vocatives In Indonesian Tv Show - صفحه:90-97

  tick  Landscape As A Chaotic Representation Of European Influence In Aimé Cesaire’S Notebook Of A Return To A Native Land - صفحه:98-107

  tick  A Comparative Study Of Women’S Presence In The Poetry Of Jalál Al-Din Rûmi And Robert Browning - صفحه:108-114

  tick  Pragmatic Analysis Of Written Directives In English Examinations - صفحه:115-132

  tick  Margaret Atwood’S The Year Of The Flood In The Age Of The Anthropocene - صفحه:133-136

  tick  Translation: Types, Choices, And Implications On Teaching Language And Literature - صفحه:137-149

  tick  Pragmatic Analysis Of Speech Acts On The Video Of Prabowo Vs Jokowi - Epic Rap Battles Of Presidency - صفحه:150-157

  tick  The Challenges For Using English For Burundians: For An Effective Integration Into The East African Community - صفحه:158-165

  tick  Designing Online Materials For Blended Learning: Optimising On Bookwidgets - صفحه:166-174

  tick  Code Switching: A Close Study Of Translating English Linguistic Terms Into Arabic - صفحه:175-187

  tick  Contributions Of Literature Circles In Language Learning: Findings From A Systematic Literature Review - صفحه:188-195

  tick  A Study Of Google Translate Translations: An Error Analysis Of Indonesian -To-English Texts - صفحه:196-200

  tick  The Link Between Masculinity And Hiv Among The Basotho - صفحه:201-212

  tick  Teaching Pedagogical Grammar In Context To Enrich English Language Learners’ Academic Writing - صفحه:213-225

  tick  The Problems Of Collocations In Translation - صفحه:226-231

  tick  The Problems Of Religious Translation - صفحه:232-241

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