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   International Journal Of Linguistics, Literature And Translation (Ijllt)   
سال:2019 - دوره:2 - شماره:1

  tick  A New Generation Of Readers In The Digital Age: Attentive Or Distracted? - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Post-Secondary Arabian Gulf Students And Their State Of English: Common Grammatical, Spelling, And Pronunciation Errors - صفحه:8-13

  tick  A Thematic Study Of Repetition In Taha Hussein’S The Call Of The Curlew - صفحه:14-22

  tick  The Effect Of The Translators’ Ideology In The Translation Of Qur’An - صفحه:23-32

  tick  Ecolexicon Of Kaghati Shape In Muna Speech Community - صفحه:33-41

  tick  Investigating The Inadequacy Of Machine Translation In Conveying The Sense And Sensibility Towards Arabic Texts Translated Into English - صفحه:42-49

  tick  Investigating The Role Of Classroom Interactional Activities In Developing University Students' Writing Skills At Arab Countries - صفحه:50-56

  tick  Edward Albee’S The Zoo Story As The Play Of Absurd And The Themes Of Existentialism - صفحه:57-64

  tick  Metaphorical Expression On Kaghati In Muna Language: Ecolinguistic Perspective - صفحه:65-70

  tick  Gender And Demand Strategies: A Sociolinguistic Study - صفحه:71-83

  tick  Lexical Formation Error In The Descriptive Writing Of Indonesian Tertiary Efl Learners - صفحه:84-88

  tick  Translation Of English Marked Sentences Into Indonesian - صفحه:89-94

  tick  Interlanguage: A Case Study Of A Korean Learner Of Bangla - صفحه:95-104

  tick  Representation Of Women In The Silence Of Mohammed By Salim Bachi - صفحه:105-112

  tick  Ba Caravan-E Soukhteh: Death Of The Dramatic Signs On The Stage - صفحه:113-119

  tick  The Retranslation Of Non-Literary Texts: A Review Study - صفحه:120-127

  tick  Saudi Students’ Perspective On Social Media Usage To Promote Efl Learning - صفحه:128-138

  tick  Insight Into The Ibo Socio-Traditional Organization In Chinua Achebe’S Arrow Of God And Things Fall Apart - صفحه:139-146

  tick  Translation Of English Passive Sentences Into Indonesian - صفحه:147-150

  tick  Cognitive Linguistics To Instruct Phrasal Verbs Through Google +: A Lebanese Efl Context - صفحه:151-167

  tick  Forensic Linguistics: Ratna Sarumpaet’S Persecution Case On Hate Speech - صفحه:168-175

  tick  English Language Anxiety And Stress Among Saudi Students In The First Year At College Of Sciences And Arts In Dharan Aljanoob - صفحه:172-277

  tick  British English And American English: History And Differences - صفحه:176-187

  tick  La Paix Et L’Union Au Nigeria: La Place De La Langue Anglaise - صفحه:188-193

  tick  The Persian Translator'S Ideology In Translating Short Story Based On Hatim And Mason’S Model; Translation Of Scarlet Letter By Daneshvar - صفحه:194-199

  tick  Western Whiteness In An American Way Of Religious Conversion In Willow Wilson’S The Butterfly Mosque - صفحه:200-209

  tick  The Whys And Wherefores Of Dickens'S Poetisation Of Little Nell'S Funeral - صفحه:210-216

  tick  Employing Tbl And 3ps Learning Approaches To Improve Writing Skill Among Saudi Efl Students In Jouf University - صفحه:217-230

  tick  The Effectiveness Of English Club As Free Voluntary Speaking Activity Strategy In Fostering Speaking Skill In Saudi Arabia Context - صفحه:231-236

  tick  I,I Have Caused A Miracle: The Textual Politics Of The Fantastic In Toni Morrison'S The Bluest Eye - صفحه:237-243

  tick  Shift Of Politeness Strategy Made By The Indonesian Caregivers In Japan - صفحه:244-255

  tick  The Language Ideology Through Declarative Sentence Strategy: The Opening Statement Text Structure In Indonesia’S Courtroom Text - صفحه:256-260

  tick  Sweetness In The Belly: A Saidian And Post Saidain Post-Colonial Reading - صفحه:261-271

  tick  The Role Of M-Learning In Decreasing Speaking Anxiety For Efl Learners - صفحه:278-284

  tick  Gendered Space In Chinua Achebe’S Anthills Of The Savannah - صفحه:285-293

  tick  Comparative Study Of Korean And Indonesian Morphological Transformation - صفحه:294-300

  tick  A Linguistic (Discourse) Analysis Of Aroko As Mon-Verbal Communication Among The Yoruba - صفحه:301-308

  tick  Loneliness In S. T. Coleridge'S Trio1 And Dejection: An Ode - صفحه:309-316

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