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   International Journal Of Linguistics, Literature And Translation (Ijllt)   
سال:2018 - دوره:1 - شماره:4

  tick  Re-Reading Chinua Achebe’S Things Fall Apart: A Postcolonial Perspective - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Promoting Innovation And Change In English Education: Towards A Philosophy Of Lifelong Learning - صفحه:8-11

  tick  Female Heroism In The Face Of Tyranny: Sembène Ousmane’S The Mother - صفحه:12-17

  tick  Semantic Loss In Two English Translations Of Surah Ya-Sin By Two Translators (Abdullah Yusuf Ali And Arthur John Arberry) - صفحه:18-34

  tick  Latent Semantic Analysis And Machine Translation - صفحه:35-43

  tick  Techniques Of Teaching Professional Vocabulary With Special Reference To Vocabulary Used In Media - صفحه:44-47

  tick  Dickens’S Characterisation Of Children In Oliver Twisti: An Empty Rhetoric? - صفحه:48-56

  tick  Linguistic Challenges In Translating Song Of Lawino From English To Kiswahili - صفحه:57-62

  tick  Code Switching As A Communicative Strategy For The Bilingual Saudi Speakers At Jouf University - صفحه:63-72

  tick  Category Shifts In The Translation Of Verb Phrases In English Cookbook Into Indonesian - صفحه:73-77

  tick  A Discourse On Bangla Translation Of Arabic Texts: Need-Based Studies In Bilingual Issues - صفحه:78-88

  tick  Algerianization Of French Nouns:The Use Of Algerian Arabic Determiners, Demonstratives, And Possessives With French Nouns: A Descriptive Morphological Account - صفحه:89-94

  tick  Meena Alexander’S Autobiography: A Postcolonial Migrant Narrative - صفحه:95-103

  tick  Words Leading An Independent Life: Four Anglicisms In The Italian Lexis Of Economics - صفحه:104-110

  tick  Impact Of Visual Media In Children’S Literature: A Paradigm Of Cognitive/Psycho-Linguistic Approach - صفحه:111-118

  tick  Towards Corpus-Based Stemming For Arabic Texts - صفحه:119-129

  tick  Mr. Eric Butterworth: A Short Story - صفحه:130-136

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