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   Analysis of Factors and Medical Errors Involved in Patient Complaints in A European Emergency Department  
نویسنده Haroutunian Pauline ,Alsabri Mohammed ,Kerdiles François Jerome ,Hassan Adel Ahmed Abdullah ,Bellou Abdelouahab
منبع Frontiers In Emergency Medicine - 2018 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:1 -7
چکیده    Introduction: patients’ complaints from emergency departments (ed) are frequent and can be used as a quality assurance indicator. objective: factors contributing to patients’ complaints (pcs) in the emergency department were analyzed. methods: it was a retrospective cohort study, the qualitative variables of patients’ complaints visiting ed of a university hospital were compared with chisquare and t test tests. results: eighty-five pc were analyzed. the factors contributing to pc were: communication (n=26), length of stay (los) (n=24), diagnostic errors (n=21), comfort and privacy issues (n=7), pain management (n=6), inappropriate treatment (n=6), delay of care and billing issues (n=3). pcs were more frequent when patients were managed by residents, during night shifts, weekends, saturdays, mondays, january and june. moreover, the factors contributing to diagnostic errors were due to poor communication, nonadherence to guidelines and lack of systematic proofreading of x-rays. in 98% of cases, disputes were resolved by apology and explanation and three cases resulted in financial compensation.conclusion: poor communication, los and medical errors are factors contributing to pcs. improving communication, resolving issues leading to slow health care provision, adequate staffing and supervision of trainees may reduce pcs.
کلیدواژه Communication ,Diagnostic Errors ,Emergency Department ,Patient Complaint
آدرس Harvard Medical School, Bidmc, Emergency Medicine Department, Usa, Harvard Medical School, Bidmc, Emergency Medicine Department, Usa, University Hospital Of Rennes, Emergency Medicine Department, France, Thamar University, Surgery Department, Yemen, Harvard Medical School, Bidmc, Emergency Medicine Department, Usa
پست الکترونیکی abellou@bidmc.harvard.edu

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