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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2020 - دوره:7 - شماره:5

  tick  Abuse Of Notary Tenure That Implies Criminal - صفحه:378-387

  tick  Academic Achievement And Its Relation With Self-Efficacy And AcademicAdjustment In Efl Class - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Accounting Readings During The Time Of Covid-19 - صفحه:158-166

  tick  Analyzing The Financial Development And Economic Growth In West Africa: WithSpecific Reference On Financial Economics - صفحه:167-175

  tick  Android-Based Mobile Learning Media Development With Multiple Intelligence OfLiterate Language Skills On The Fifth Grade Elementary School Students - صفحه:539-548

  tick  Application Criminal Chamber Formulation Number 6 In Circular Of The SupremeCourt No. 4 Of 2016 Concerning The Authority Of The State Audit AgencydeclaresState Losses (Case Study In The Corruption Court At The Padang District Court) - صفحه:230-244

  tick  Assessment Of Certain Justice Towards Tax Omnibus Law In Indonesia - صفحه:486-493

  tick  Assurance Of State Citizens 'Rights As A Legal State Pillar - صفحه:637-649

  tick  Comic Therapy Covid-19 (Ctc), Language Therapy (Lt), And Cognitive BehaviorTherapy (Cbt) - صفحه:105-114

  tick  Corporate Crime In Indonesian Criminal Law System - صفحه:679-689

  tick  Development Of Pop-Up Book Media Based On Balanced Literacy Approach ToImprove Skills Of Reading Class 1 Students Basic School - صفحه:619-627

  tick  Different Explanations Of The Interpretive Differences Around Verse 45 Of SurahHajj, Relying On The Different Interpretations Of The Commentators From The GenreOf Text - صفحه:123-137

  tick  Economic Valuation Of The Komodo National Park West Manggarai Regency, EastNusa Tenggara - صفحه:628-636

  tick  Effectiveness Of Payment Of Income Tax From Binding Agreements On Buying AndSelling Rights To Land And/Or Buildings And The Implications Of Its Jurisdiction(Case Study In West Manggarai District) - صفحه:348-366

  tick  Effects Of Recruitment, Leadership, And Local Culture On Discipline AndPerformance Of Garuda Contingent Soldiers In Lebanon - صفحه:606-618

  tick  Execution Of The Deed Of Recognition Of Mortgage Rights In TheMataram District Court - صفحه:88-96

  tick  Freedom And Education Of Women In The Works And Ideas Of Qasim Amin MesriAnd Parvin Etesami - صفحه:176-188

  tick  Ideological And Ideological Issues Of Protecting The Interests Of The People OfUzbekistan In The Period Of National Growth - صفحه:206-212

  tick  Implementation Of Assimilation Program In The Form Of Social Work AgainstCorruption Prisoners: Case Study In The Jurisdiction Of State Detention Center InPadang Class Iib - صفحه:245-258

  tick  Implementation Of Strict Liability Principle In Civil Law Enforcement InEnvironment Law Files As Consequence Of Forest And Land Fire In IndonesiaJustice Practice - صفحه:473-485

  tick  Implications Of The Application Of Article 112 Law Number 35 Of 2009Concerning Narcotics In The Case Of Narcotics Criminal Acts In Indonesia - صفحه:340-347

  tick  Important Tasks For The Development Of Youth Political Culture: Problems AndSolutions - صفحه:494-497

  tick  Influence Of Promotion Mix, Knowledge Of Adolescents ' Reproductive Health AndParental Role In The Utilization Of Adolescents ' Health Care Services (Pkpr) - صفحه:506-514

  tick  Insurance Customer Protection If An Evenenment (Fortuitous Event) - صفحه:115-122

  tick  Investigation Of Beating A Disobedient Woman And Its Levels And Its PunitiveEffects According To The Verses Of The Qur'An And The Rule Of Forbidding The Evil - صفحه:318-330

  tick  Juridic-Empiric Factors The Reason For Removal Of Regional Head OfficialPosition In Regional Government Systems In Indonesia - صفحه:557-567

  tick  Juridical Analysis Of The Determination Of Judges' Diversion Case Studi OfChildren Number 2 / Diversi / Pid. Sus-Anak / 2018 / Pn Pmn In The Legal Area OfThe Pariaman District Court - صفحه:526-538

  tick  Juridical Study Of Indemnity Letter Position In Resolving The Risk Of Loss On TheSurety Bond Agreement - صفحه:404-412

  tick  Legal Aspects Of Binding Of Sale And Purchase Agreements As Stages Of BuyingAnd Selling Land Rights In Installments - صفحه:78-87

  tick  Legal Certainty In The Settlement Of Embezzlement In The Family With TheRestorative Justice Method - صفحه:515-525

  tick  Legal Consequences Of Cancellation Of Land Purchase With Down Payment (AStudy In North Lombok Regency) - صفحه:331-339

  tick  Legal Consequences Of Limited Liability Company Law Which Has Not BeenGiven Legal Status Under Law No. 40 Of 2007 - صفحه:413-425

  tick  Legal Guarantees Of The Family In Uzbekistan - صفحه:213-219

  tick  Legal Protection Against Buyer In Good Faith On Dual-Certified Land - صفحه:498-505

  tick  Legal Protection Of Land Rights Holder In Land Procurement For Public Interest(Case Study Of Tower Development Sutt 150kv In North Lombok Regency) - صفحه:388-396

  tick  Liability Notary In Making Deed Based On Falsification Of Letters By The Parties - صفحه:97-104

  tick  Mass Media Instagram In The Perspective Of Popular Culture - صفحه:61-68

  tick  Military Vocabulary Of German Origin In Russian - صفحه:220-229

  tick  Monotheism Of Religions - صفحه:37-51

  tick  National Law Relations With Customary Law In The Establishing Of Regulation OfThe Recognition Of Indigenous Peoples Rights To The Land Of Ulayat - صفحه:426-434

  tick  Orthodox Christianity Among The Gedeo, Southern Ethiopia: Inception AndDevelopment To 1991 - صفحه:668-678

  tick  Perspective On Settlement Of General Election Disputes Through Mediation,Adjudication And Legal Efforts: Settlement Of State Administrative JudicialDisputes - صفحه:650-661

  tick  Quran-Based Critique Of Identity Forming Characteristics In Adler'S Theory OfIndividual Psychology - صفحه:14-26

  tick  Realizing Indonesia Prosecutors Commission Professional And Trustworthy - صفحه:52-60

  tick  Rite And Religion: Sangia Wambulu First Indigenous Imam Of Buton Sultanate - صفحه:296-304

  tick  Simple Verification Principles In Bankruptcy Procedures In Commercial Court OfIndonesia - صفحه:461-472

  tick  State Defense Efforts Through Strengthening Cyber Law In Dealing With HoaxNews - صفحه:27-36

  tick  Strength Of Fiduciary Deed In The Implementation Of Bad Credit Execution ByFinancial Institutions - صفحه:593-605

  tick  Tender Participant In Procurement Of Government Goods And Services - صفحه:435-445

  tick  The Analysis Of Prison Penalty For Children In Perspective On The Theory Of ThePurpose Punishment - صفحه:568-575

  tick  The Effect Of Peer Atachment And Tolerance On Social Competence In Adolescents - صفحه:259-274

  tick  The Effect Of The Treffinger Learning Model On Mathematical Connection AbilityStudents Viewed From Mathematical Resilience - صفحه:275-284

  tick  The Influence Of Medication Availability In Bpjs Patient Satisfaction In InpatientRsud Lanto Dg. Pasewang Jeneponto Regency - صفحه:576-581

  tick  The Influence Of Organizational Culture On Organizational Commitment PostPandemic Covid-19 - صفحه:148-157

  tick  The Justice Pattern In The Theoretical And Practical Life Of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Ṭālib (As) - صفحه:285-295

  tick  The Literary Miracle Of The Holy Quran - صفحه:195-205

  tick  The Obligation Of Notary To Prevent And Eradicate Criminal Acts Of MoneyLaundering - صفحه:367-377

  tick  The Obligation Of The Husband As A Civil Servant In The Provision Of The Living ToThe Ex-Wife Is Reviewed From Law Number 1 Of 1974 And Islamic Law - صفحه:397-403

  tick  The Phenomenon Of English-Indonesian Code Mixing As A Trend In IndonesianPop Music Industry - صفحه:582-592

  tick  The Responsibilities Of The Land Deed Maker Official (Ppat) Against The SigningOf The Deed On A Blank Certificate(Case Study On Supreme Court Decision No. 959 K / Pdt / 2010) - صفحه:69-77

  tick  The Role Of Natural Disasters In Human Education From The Perspective Of Islam - صفحه:305-317

  tick  The Survey Effectiveness Of Time Perspective Therapy On Spiritual Well-BeingAnd Hardiness Parents Of Boy Students With Reading Disability - صفحه:138-147

  tick  The Translation Accuracy Of Words, Phrases And Clauses AccommodatingGraduation In Of Mice And Men Into Tikus Dan Manusia - صفحه:662-667

  tick  They Are Re – Governmental Forms Democracy In Indonesia - صفحه:189-194

  tick  Writing Ability Of Research Proposal For Students Of Economic Education FkipUmmy Solok Academic Year 2018/2019 - صفحه:549-556

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