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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2018 - دوره:5 - شماره:2

  tick  A Review On Notarial Deed Restriction Regulation Based On Law On Office Of Notary Public - صفحه:318-329

  tick  An Application Of Powtoon As A Digital Medium: Enhancing Students’ Pronunciation In Speaking - صفحه:295-317

  tick  Analysis Of Validity Decisions General Meeting Of Shareholders Limited Liability Company In Circulation - صفحه:356-367

  tick  Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan: Magical-Religious Values In Banyumas Society - صفحه:51-57

  tick  Challenges On Obtaining Legal Protection Through Notary Honorary Council For The Notary Presumed To Commit Crime - صفحه:255-263

  tick  Comparative Physico-Chemical Limnology Of Two Lakes Of Kashmir Himalaya - صفحه:128-135

  tick  Development Of Materials Are Based On Character Values To Improve Intensive Reading Skill Students For Class Iii In Elementary School - صفحه:118-127

  tick  Early Marriage In Jebres Sub District Of Surakarta City - صفحه:336-344

  tick  Exclusiveness And Inclusiveness In The British National Identity - صفحه:79-93

  tick  Factors Affecting New Graduate Entrepreneurial Intention: An Empirical Study Of The Unemployed Graduates In Nigeria - صفحه:221-230

  tick  Historical Learning: Digital Map Implementation To Improve Historical Explanation Ability - صفحه:101-110

  tick  Human Rights And Buddhism: A Social Injustice Perspective - صفحه:111-117

  tick  Ideal Construction Of Village Government In Organizing Land Registration - صفحه:264-270

  tick  In-Service English Teacher’S Perceptions Of Reflective Teacher Diary To Promote Professional Development - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Influence Of Writing Poetry Module Using In Contextual Learning To Writing Poetry Learning Result Of Elementary Student - صفحه:9-18

  tick  Issuance Legality Of The Ownership Certificate For The Riparian Area And Its Legal Consequences In Sukoharjo Regency - صفحه:239-246

  tick  Language Errors On Turn Taking “The Space Between Us” Movie: Overviewed Within Translation Studies - صفحه:185-198

  tick  Legal Protection Of Child Trafficking In The Provision Of Compensation And Restitution Rights In Indonesia - صفحه:368-374

  tick  Meaning Of Tattoos Atoin Meto Analysis In Southeast Province East Nusa - صفحه:19-23

  tick  Principle Of Social Function Of Land Cultivation Right In Agritourism Accommodation In Indonesia - صفحه:271-279

  tick  Reinforcement Of Dharma Gita Bali Values In Historical Learning To Improve Student’S Tolerace Attitude - صفحه:247-254

  tick  Ronggowarsito’S Concept Of Islamic Theosophy In Serat Sabdajati - صفحه:177-184

  tick  Social Movement As An Organic Intellectual In Fighting For Environment Justice In East Borneo - صفحه:330-335

  tick  Steel Joint Consortium (Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, China, India And Germany) In Herat, And The Economic, Political And Security Impacts In The Region, By Futuristic Approach With An Emphasis On Swot - صفحه:157-176

  tick  Teaching Rural Indonesian Schools Students: Effective Strategies - صفحه:231-238

  tick  The Contribution Of Logic Language Control Toward Scientific Writing - صفحه:209-220

  tick  The Development Of Critical Thinking Test Based On Higher-Order Thinking Pisa Version In The Historical Learning At Senior High School - صفحه:136-144

  tick  The Educational Values Of Athiyyah Ar-Rahman Book - صفحه:94-100

  tick  The Impact Of National And International Languages Intervention On The Javanese - صفحه:145-156

  tick  The Implementation Of History Learning Through The Values Of Indis Architecture Of Kapitan House To Enhance Students’ Social Solidarity - صفحه:58-68

  tick  The Improvement Of Students’ Leadership Ethic In Studying History By Using Baratayuda Audio Visual Media - صفحه:41-50

  tick  The Local Culture Values Of “Perdikan Cahyana” As A Source Of Instructional Material For Elementary Students - صفحه:69-78

  tick  The Magic Beyond Ritual”- Exploring Raaba Ritual And Ritualization Among Arsi Oromos Of Ethiopia - صفحه:24-40

  tick  The Principle Of Accountability In The Making Of Ppat Deed In Boyolali Regency - صفحه:280-285

  tick  The Relationship Between Scientific Approach And Science Teacher Interpersonal Interaction With Student Learning Outcomes In Junior High School - صفحه:199-208

  tick  The Standing Of Inter-Religious Marriage Based On Surakarta District Court Decree According To Compilation Of Islamic Law Number 1 Of 1974 About Marriage - صفحه:286-294

  tick  Utilization Of Public Key Infrastructure To Facilitates The Role Of Certification Authority In Cyber Notary Context In Indonesia - صفحه:345-355

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