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   Journal Of Social Behavior And Community Health   
سال:2022 - دوره:6 - شماره:1

  tick  A Study Of Domestic Violence Against Married Women In Afghanistan: Grounded Theory - صفحه:810-818

  tick  Effect Of Disease Education On Knowledge And Attitude Of Nursing Mothers Towards Typhoid Prevention In Akinyele Local Government Area Of Oyo State, Nigeria - صفحه:826-834

  tick  Effectiveness Of Life Skills Training In Reducing Neurosis Symptoms In Women - صفحه:835-842

  tick  Identifying Concern And Stress Of Parents, Students And Teachers With The Social Distance Planning Process And Reopening Of Schools During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study - صفحه:853-863

  tick  Investigating The Relationship Between Knowledge Absorptive Capacity And Talent Management With Organizational Performance - صفحه:843-852

  tick  Investigating The Relationship Between Leadership Styles And Positive Organizational Behavior And Stress Of Covid 19 - صفحه:794-801

  tick  Letter To The Editor: Do Not Ignore The Participation Of Smoking Men In Caring For Their Pregnant Wives From Exposure To Secondhand Smoke - صفحه:773-775

  tick  Socio-Economic Predisposing Factors Of Malnutrition Among School Going Children In Bareilly District Of North India: A Cross-Sectional Study - صفحه:786-793

  tick  Suicidal Thought And Behaviors Among Junior And Senior Medical Students - صفحه:819-825

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Solution-Oriented Group Teaching On The Increase Of Resiliency In Orphan Female Adolescents - صفحه:864-873

  tick  The Moral Development Based On Kohlberg'S Theory Among Medical Students - صفحه:802-809

  tick  The Role Of Social Support And Caregiver Burdens Among Parents Of Children With Cancer - صفحه:776-785

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