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   Awareness and Acceptance of Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake Among Adults in Lagos State, Nigeria  
نویسنده Afolabi Joseph Fasoranti
منبع Journal Of Social Behavior And Community Health - 2021 - دوره : 5 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:713 -718
چکیده    Background: covid-19 has increased drastically all over the world and one of the major ways to reduce its prevalence is through covid-19 vaccine. however, some individuals hesitate in accepting the uptake of the covid-19 vaccine which is a major cause of concern to the global health.method: this cross-sectional study was conducted on450 respondents were selected through networking system in lagos state. the covid-19 hesitancy questionnaire with reliability value of 0.67 was used as instrument for data collection. data gathering was online through google docs which was circulated via e-mail and whats app platform to the participants. data analyzing was done via spss 20results: the study revealed that 92% were aware of the accessibility of vaccine for covid-19. totally, 81.11% had not received the vaccine and the reasons given include misconceptions on the effects of the covid-19.conclusions: covid-19 vaccine uptake is generally poor among the uneducated than the educated. therefore, there is need for massive education on the importance of covid-19 among the populace especially among the less educated.
کلیدواژه Covid-19 ,Covid-19 Vaccine ,Global Health ,Vaccine Hesitancy
آدرس University Of Lagos, Department Of Human Kinetics And Health Education, Nigeria
پست الکترونیکی afasoranti@unilag.edu.ng

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