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   Implications of Ethnography Research Method in Educational and Health Studies  
نویسنده Kian Maryam ,Beach Dennis
منبع Journal Of Social Behavior And Community Health - 2019 - دوره : 3 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:419 -427
چکیده    Background: studies in educational and health areas are sometimes accompanied by the adoption of a qualitative research approach. qualitative research claims to achieve natural and first-hand data in a variety of ways. in this regard, the purpose of the present study was to explain the implications of ethnography research method in educational and health settings.methods: an analytical-deductive method was used. however, analysis of the research experiences of the authors of the paper were proceed to reach the aim of the study. accordingly, the reliable sources as well as the background studies of the researchers were used and analyzed.results: the findings showed that ethnography in education can provide insights into in-depth analysis of the beliefs, values, and experiences about the academic trends. also, ethnography in health researches can lead to improving health care processes, modifying high-risk behaviors, timely prevention, managing stress in the face of illnesses, emphasizing sensitivity of local communities, health knowledge creation and, in general, influencing the entire health programs in societies.conclusion: given the importance of ethnography method in obtaining first-hand and in-depth results, it is recommended to provide more awareness about the effectiveness of the method, and more attention to its implementation among the research projects both in educational and health research areas.
کلیدواژه Education ,Health ,Qualitative Approach ,Ethnography Research Method
آدرس Yazd University, Department Of Educational Sciences, Iran, University Of Gothenburg, Department Of Education And Special Education, Sweden

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