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   Pathology of Industrial Drug Abuse Tendency in Gorgan  
نویسنده Bagheri Daniel ,Arefi Mahmoudreza ,Rafei Farnoosh
منبع Journal Of Social Behavior And Community Health - 2018 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:189 -198
چکیده    Background: industrial drug addiction is considered as one of the most serious social problems in iran. it has various aspects of sociology, psychology, law, and politics. this study was conducted with the aim of pathology of the most important factors influencing the tendency of people to industrial drug in gorgan. methods: this cross-sectional study was performed on 400 addicts in gorgan. the statistical population of this study was people aged 15 - 60 years old who were consuming industrial drugs in gorgan, as well as addicts in addiction retreat camps in gorgan. the sample size was 386 using cochran's formula, which was promoted to 400 people for certainty. the samples were selected by stratified random sampling method. the data gathering tool was a researcher-made questionnaire whose reliability was determined after calculating 0.87. data were collected by field method and then analyzed using spss software. results: the findings of the research showed that the age group of 15 - 25 years old with 43.2% had the highest tendency to industrial drug abuse. the variables of individual factors, family role and status, relationship with friends and peers have a significant and direct relationship with the tendency towards industrial drug abuse however, educational level and economic status variables did not have a significant relationship with the tendency towards industrial drug abuse. the results of statistical tests indicate that communication with friends and peers has had the greatest impact on the tendency of people who have been subjected to industrial drug abuse. conclusion: considering that nearly half of the subjects (43.2%) were about 20 years old and 49.3% were single and unemployed, they could control the tendency towards industrial drugs by creating educational and employment programs in the province.
کلیدواژه Addiction ,Industrial Drug ,Gorgan
آدرس Golestan University Of Medical Sciences, Social Determinants Of Health Research Center, ایران, Mental Health Center, ایران, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Center Branch, Pcycology Department, ایران

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