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   Iranian Journal Of Analytical Chemistry   
سال:2017 - دوره:4 - شماره:1

  tick  Conductometric And Spectrophotometric Studies Of The Thermodynamics Complexation Of Cu2+, Hg2+, Ni2+, Zn2+, Cd2+ And Co2+ Ions With (E)(Pyridine 2ylmethylidene)({2(E)(Pyridine2 Ylmethylidene)Amino]Ethyl} Ligands In Acetonitrile Solution And Comparison Of Their Behaviors - صفحه:12-17

  tick  Electroanalytical Determination Of Isoniazid In Pharmaceutical Formulation And Human Plasma, Using A Poly(Eriochrome Black-T) Modified Pencil Lead Electrode - صفحه:51-58

  tick  Electrochemical Determination Of Hydrogen Peroxide At Multiwall Carbon Nanotube/Silver Nanoparticle Modified Electrode - صفحه:34-39

  tick  Nano-Sio2 Modified By Ctab And Oxime Ligand For Separation And Preconcentration Of Trace Amount Of Cu(Ii) In Real Environmental Samples - صفحه:59-66

  tick  Preparation And Review Of Biocompatible Smart Hydrogel As A Rapid-Acting Insulin Carrier In Oral Insulin Drug Delivery - صفحه:18-24

  tick  Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Studies On The Histamin H3 Receptor Inhibitors Using The Genetic Algorithm-Multiple Linear Regressions - صفحه:40-50

  tick  Selective Determination Of Nanogram Amounts Of Mercury In Environmental Water, Fish And Urine Samples Using A New Synthetic Functionalized Sorbent And Cvaas After Multivariate Optimization - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Vortex-Assisted Low Density Based Dispersive Liquidliquid Microextraction Followed By High Performance Liquid Chromatography For Determination Of Three Pesticides Residues From Water Samples - صفحه:25-33

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