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   Iranian Journal Of Analytical Chemistry   
سال:2020 - دوره:7 - شماره:1

  tick  A Novel Iron Optical Sensor Based On 2(2benzothiazolylazo)Phenol Polymer Inclusion Membrane - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Application Of Artificial Neural Network Modeling In Prediction Of The Extraction Yield Of Coppermorin Complex From Aqueous Media Utilizing A Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Coated Stir Bar - صفحه:78-87

  tick  Electrochemical Synthesis Of A Polypyrrole/Tio2 Nanocomposite As A Novel High Efficiency Solar Cell - صفحه:50-56

  tick  Extraction Of Cetirizine Using Magnetic Nanoparticles Of Hengam Island Sand And Determination By Hplc - صفحه:14-20

  tick  Ionic Liquidbased Dispersive Liquidliquid Microextraction Coupled With High Performance Liquid Chromatography For The Determination Of Spirotetramat In Water Samples - صفحه:88-95

  tick  Molecular Design Of Nsalicyloyl Tryptamine Derivatives Via Quantitative Structureproperty Relationship )Qspr( And Molecular Dynamic Simulation Methods - صفحه:64-69

  tick  Physicochemical Characterization Of Drinking Tap Water In Masha And Mizanaman Town, Southwest Ethiopia - صفحه:30-40

  tick  Sensitive Determination Trace Amount Of Cadmium(Ii) As Toxic Pollutant In Real And Saline Samples After Concentration By In Situ Solvent Formation Microextraction Technique And Using Ecofriendly Materials - صفحه:41-49

  tick  Spectrophotometric Determination Of Nalidixic Acid In Some Real Samples After Preconcentration With Go/Zno Nanocompositebased Pipette Tip Microsolid Phase Microextraction - صفحه:21-29

  tick  Synthesis And Application Of Magnetic Fe3o4walnut Sawdust Nanocomposite For Removal Of Lead From Water - صفحه:57-63

  tick  Synthesis And Characterization Of Graphene Oxidemelamine (Gom) Nano Composite And Poly (Styrene –Alternative – Maleic Anhydride) Melamine (Smam) Using For Removing Lead (Ii) Ions From Aqueous Solutions. - صفحه:70-77

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