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   Simulation of Surface Plasmon Excitation in A Plasmonic Nanowire Using Surface Integral Equations  
نویسنده Rezvani Masoud ,Fathi Sepahvand Maryam
منبع Journal Of Optoelectronical Nanostructures - 2016 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:51 -63
چکیده    In this paper, scattering of a plane and monochromatic electromagnetic wave from a nanowire is simulated using surface integral equations. first, integral equationsgoverning unknown fields on the surface is obtained based on strattoncho surface integral equations. then, the interaction of the wave with a nonplasmonic as well as a palsmonic nanowire is considered. it is shown that in scattering of the wave from the nonplasmonic nanowire the simple phenomena of refraction and transmission occur. on the other hand, the interaction of tm polarized light with plasmonic nanowire excites surface plasmon waves. simulations show that no surface plasmon is excited in interaction of te polarized light with plasmonioc nanowire. it is observed that, while increasing the frequency of incident light, the regime of scattering goes from electrostatic limit to simple geometric limit through diffraction region. in continuation, charge distribution induced by surface plasmon is simulated for different times. the simulation shows that a wavelike surface charge is excited and propagates on the surface.there is a very weak charge distribution within the nanowire indicating that no light penetrates the wire.
کلیدواژه Light Scattering Of Nanowires ,Surface Integral Equations Strattonchu ,Surface Plasmon
آدرس Malayer University, Department Of Physics, ایران, Malayer University, Department Of Physics, ایران

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