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   determinants of educational service quality in shiraz university of medical sciences using servqual and kano models  
نویسنده rahimi hamed ,kavosi zahra ,qanbari parvin ,heidary lale
منبع journal of health management and informatics - 2015 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:74 -81
چکیده    introduction: the quality of education sector is worth considering as this system has a significant effect on the economic growth of the country. this study aimed to determine the quality gap and rank the student’s expectation of educational services provided in shiraz university of medical sciences in 2013.method: this research included two cross-sectional phases. the sample size of both phases included 220 students selected using multistage sampling. servqual questionnaire was used in the first study which was designed to find the quality gap of the education system’s services. the data were entered into the spss statistical software and analyzed using descriptive statistics and paired-sample t-test. kano’s two-dimensional questionnaire was used in the second phase. each indicator of quality which had a negative gap at a significance level of 5% in the first study was introduced to kano’s two-dimensional questionnaire. finally, better value and worse value formulas were used to analyze the data obtained in this step.results: the results revealed that all quality items had a significance negative gap which were recognized as the voice of customers (p < 0.05). frequency analysis was done to determine the frequency of repetition. accordingly, 11 out of the 30 requirements were identified as must be requirements and 19 as one-dimensional requirements.conclusion: this study can help the authorities prioritize their policies, strategies and decisions in order to improve and guarantee the higher education quality and extremity obtains customer satisfaction.
کلیدواژه educational services ,expectations ,perceptions ,servqual ,kano model
آدرس kerman university of medical sciences, ایران, shiraz university of medical sciences, ایران, shiraz university of medical sciences, ایران, shiraz university of medical sciences, ایران

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