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   explaining the relationship between empowerment and work life quality: a case study on the staff of social security hospital of zahedan city  
نویسنده sheikhepoor zanyar ,sheikhepoor mohamad
منبع journal of health management and informatics - 2015 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:101 -107
چکیده    introduction: the quality of work life has an important role in increasing labor productivity and consequently the efficiency and effectiveness of large organizations. this study was conducted to investigate the relationship between empowerment (as the independent variables) and the quality of work life of employees (as the dependent variable).method:this study was conducted in a descriptive correlated manner; the population consisted of the zahedan city hospital’s nursing staff (n=132) selected using accessible sampling methods. they filled out the empowerment and quality of work life questionnaire. the reliability of the questionnaires was confirmed through cronbach’s alpha; furthermore, the questionnaires were prepared with a high content validity and construct validity. the obtained data were analyzed using spss statistical software and pearson’s correlation and multiple regression test.results: the results showed that empowerment and its factors (sense of independence, sense of effectiveness, feeling of being meaningful and trusted among colleagues) at 99% confidence level and feeling of competence at 95% confidence level had a significant positive correlation with the quality of their working life. second, empowerment factors predicted 29% of the variance in employees’ quality of work life.conclusion: considering the obtained results, it is recommended that to empower their employees more than ever, the managers try more to promote them, have more skillful staff, and help employees experience working life quality .
کلیدواژه empowerment ,psychological empowerment ,quality of work life
آدرس tarbiat modares university, ایران, bonab unit of islamic azad university, ایران

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