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   a review of pesticide residues in agricultural and food products of iran  
نویسنده rezaeigolestani mohammadreza ,hashemi mohamad
منبع journal of nutrition fasting and health - 2018 - دوره : 6 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:1 -6
چکیده    introduction: pest control strategies are essential to reducing food waste and providing fresh, safe food products. however, the excessive and uncontrolled use of pesticides have caused severe environmental and health problems. the present study aimed to evaluate the level of pesticide residues in food products in iran through reviewing the current literature. methods: a comprehensive literature review was conducted via searching in databases such as pubmed, google scholar, sciencedirect, and sid to identify the abstracts and titles of the relevant papers using english and persian keywords, including ‘pesticide residues’, ‘iran’, and ‘food’ or their persian equivalents. results: several studies have investigated the level of pesticide contamination in various food materials in iran, the majority of which have been focused on the foods of vegetal origin (e.g., cucumbers, tomatoes, and melons). various pesticides, including organophosphorus, pyrethroids and organochlorines, were assessed in these studies, and organochlorines were the main tested pesticides in foods of animal origin. according to the review, illegal levels of pesticides are still detected in foods of vegetal and animal origin in some areas of the country. conclusion: although pesticide residues in food materials are an important health issue, it seems that the national efforts to determine the level of these substances in foodstuffs are inadequate. therefore, national food safety authorities and researchers must pay special attention to improving the current status of pesticide use in food products
کلیدواژه pesticide residues ,iran ,food
آدرس university of tehran, faculty of veterinary medicine, department of food hygiene, ایران, mashhad university of medical sciences, faculty of medicine, department of nutrition, ایران
پست الکترونیکی hashemimd@mums.ac.ir

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