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   اثربخشی کارآفرینی اجتماعی در توانمندسازی زنان روستایی مورد: مناطق حاشیه‌نشین چابهار  
نویسنده آرامش حامد ,رس فاطمه ,کشاورز سهیلا
منبع اقتصاد فضا و توسعه روستايي - 1399 - دوره : 9 - شماره : 4 - صفحه:41 -62
چکیده    پژوهش حاضر باهدف ارائه الگوی اثربخشی کارآفرینی اجتماعی در راستای توانمندسازی زنان جامعه محلی ارائه‌شده است. جامعه آماری این پژوهش تمامی زنان بلوچ مناطق حاشیه نشین چابهار در محله های رمین، عثمان آباد، کمب، قدس، مرادآباد و تیس که از آن ها نمونه ای 266 نفری به روش نمونه گیری سهمی انتخاب شد. این پژوهش با روش آمیخته انجام گرفت. در بخش کیفی این روش، باتوجه به استراتژی فراترکیب عوامل موثر بر توانمندسازی زنان شناسایی شد و در‌بخش کمی با پخش دو پرسشنامه، این عوامل در جامعه آماری گفته‌شده ارزیابی و رتبه بندی شدند. نتایج حاصل از روش کیفی فراترکیب این عوامل را در 21 شاخص دسته بندی کرد. در‌بخش کمی، نتایج حاصل از تحلیل نرم افزار smart pls نشان داد که تمامی شاخص های حاصل از روش کیفی فراترکیب به‌جز شاخص برخورداری از مهارت کافی اثر معناداری بر توانمندسازی زنان بلوچ مناطق حاشیه نشین چابهار داشتند و مهم ترین این شاخص ها، شاخص اعتمادبه‌نفس است و شاخص های انگیزه ایجاد اشتغال، میزان تحصیلات، رفع تبعیض از بازار کار، سیاست های حمایتی دولت به ترتیب در رتبه های دوم تا پنجم ازنظر اهمیت توانمندسازی زنان این منطقه برخوردارند.
کلیدواژه کارآفرینی اجتماعی، کارآفرینی زنان، اقتصاد روستایی، توانمند سازی زنان روستایی، چابهار
آدرس دانشگاه سیستان و بلوچستان, دانشکده مدیریت و اقتصاد, ایران, دانشگاه سیستان و بلوچستان, ایران, دانشگاه سیستان و بلوچستان, ایران
   The effectiveness of social entrepreneurship in empowering rural women Case: Suburban area of Chabahar  
Authors Ras Atefeh ,Aramesh Hamed ,Keshavarz Soheila
Abstract    Introduction Today, the rise of the global economic system, which has created great wealth and the spread of economic contradictions such as the gap between rich and poor, has brought about wideranging social changes and has led to the introduction of entrepreneurial ideas in the field of social issues. In recent years, social entrepreneurship has been identified as an important source of social, economic, cultural and environmental wealth. Due to lack of resources and facilities and remarkable population growth, communities, nowadays, are facing many problems, among which is the problem of unemployment. Because the employment situation of women in Iran, like in many developing countries, is not favorable, women always have fewer job opportunities and often work in the informal sector with low wages.Given that half of people in any society are women, womenchr('39')s participation in various jobs and entrepreneurship is necessary for the growth and development of society. Womenchr('39')s participation in various economic, social and other fields is one of the indicators of the countrychr('39')s production. One of the main issues in development is the proper use of the capabilities and talents of human resources in society.In the suburban area of ​​Chabahar, there is a traditional view and disbelief in the abilities of women. Most of the women in this area are divorced or heads of households and do not have a good economic situation. Since the situation of women in each region is reflecting the social and economic improvement of the regions, and also, due to the appropriate commercial and economic situation of Chabahar region, there are many opportunities for job creation and empowerment of women in this region. It seems that one of the ways to discover these opportunities and empower women in this region is to regard and implement social entrepreneurship. So far, domestic research with a social entrepreneurship approach has not examined the empowering factors of rural women. Therefore, this study aims to provide a model of social entrepreneurship in order to empower women in the suburban region of Chabahar in a comprehensive way, to extract effective indicators and answer the research questions.1. What factors affect the empowerment of women in Chabahar suburbs?2. What is the impact of each of these factors on the empowerment of women in Chabahar suburbs?3. What is the framework to implement the drivers of empowerment for women in Chabahar suburbs? MethodologyThis research is mixed in terms of purpose, application and in terms of data type. The qualitative part uses the Meta synthesis method. For data analysis, the software used in the quantitative section was SmartPLS2 for the first questionnaire and Expert choice software for the second questionnaire. The statistical population of the study is all Baluch women living in Chabahar. Discussion and conclusionCalculation of final weight and prioritization of effective indicators on womenchr('39')s empowerment in Chabahar suburban areas based on AHP method shows that among the identified indicators, womenchr('39')s selfconfidence with a final weight of 0.457 has been identified as the most important effective indicator on womenchr('39')s empowerment, and motivational indicators, job creation and education with the final weight of 0.423 and 0.387, are, respectively, in the second and third place. Existence of social support for female heads of households and quality of life with a final weight of 0.030 has been identified as the least effective indicator among the indicators.By metasynthesis method, 21 indicators, 4 components and 2 dimensions were identified. The results showed that all variables except the variable of having sufficient skills, lead to empowerment of women in the suburban area of Chabahar. Also, all environmental variables lead to the empowerment of women in this area.The most important indicators of womenchr('39')s empowerment in the Chabahar suburbs is selfconfidence. Furthermore, the indicators of job creation motivations, level of education, elimination of labor market discrimination, and government support policies are ranked second to fifth, respectively, with regard to the importance of empowering women in this region.
Keywords Social Entrepreneurship ,Women Entrepreneurship ,Rural Economy ,Empowerment of Rural Women ,Chabahar

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