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   the effect of reduction rolls during the milling process on the physicochemical properties of flour and rheological characteristics of dough and barbari bread  
نویسنده mirahmadi mahbobeh sadat ,naghipour fariba ,seyedin ardebili mehdi
منبع پژوهش و نوآوري در علوم و صنايع غذايي - 2020 - دوره : 8 - شماره : 4 - صفحه:341 -356
چکیده    reduction rolls play an important role in the process of flour production and increasing the quality of flour used in baking industry is considered as the most important factor to improve the qualitative and nutritional qualities of bread. so the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of removing c1a, c1b, c2, c3 and c5 reduction rolls on the physicochemical properties of the flour and rheological properties of dough and the selection of the most effective rolls in milling process in a completely randomized design (p≤0.05). the results showed that two samples of flour that also the sample, which c3 reduction rolls was removed, had the lowest gluten content (25%), gluten index (70), and zeleny sedimentation volume (17 ml). and the water absorption, development time, stability, and valorimeter number of the dough had the greatest reduction in this sample. therefore, according to the results, it was found that by removing the c3 reduction roll in milling process, the physicochemical properties of the flour and the rheological properties of dough were strongly weakened. in the next step, the barbari bread was produced by the flour obtained from this sample and control and its characteristics were examined. the results showed that the hardness of the sample by removing c3 reduction roll was higher (more than 35%) than the control sample during 2 and 72 h after baking. also, the control had the highest score of overall acceptance in sensory evaluation. according to the results of this study, removing the c3 reduction roll, had the most effect on the quality of flour, dough and final product than the other roll in milling process.
کلیدواژه barbari bread ,milling process ,reduction roll ,rheol ,ogical properties wheat
آدرس islamic azad university, science and research branch, department of food science and technology, iran, agriculture research, education and extension organization (areeo), seed and plant improvement institute, iran, islamic azad university, science and research branch, department of food science and technology, iran

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