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   International Journal Of Economics And Management   
سال:2016 - دوره:10 - شماره:SpecialIssue1

  tick  Adoption Of Electronic Toll Application Analysis - صفحه:211-222

  tick  Competitive Strategy Of Creative Application Content In The Asean Economic Community: Software Development Using Swot Analysis In Indonesia - صفحه:95-107

  tick  Determinants Of Satisfaction,Trust,And Loyalty Of Indonesian E-Commerce Customer - صفحه:151-166

  tick  Dynamic Capability In Branding Strategy Development - صفحه:183-196

  tick  Education Entrepreneurship,Training Hair Cut Of Entrepreneurial Motivation - صفحه:167-181

  tick  Factors Influencing Behavioral Intentions Of Television Homeshopping With Moderating Effect Of Consumer Satisfaction - صفحه:65-79

  tick  Foreword - صفحه:1-

  tick  Impact Of Industry Competitive Forces And Resources To Corporate Strategy On Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises Performance - صفحه:49-63

  tick  Investigation Of Leverage Effect In Indonesian Stock Market - صفحه:1-17

  tick  Measurement Cargo Shipment Quality Through The Unit Load Device (Uld) Pt. Garuda Indonesia Sbu Cargo Using Six Sigma Method - صفحه:223-233

  tick  Small Family Business Development From Three Dimension Of Family Business Model - صفحه:197-210

  tick  Strategy Alignment With Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (Ocai) Results Of Cellular Industry In Indonesia - صفحه:81-93

  tick  Sustainable Competitive Advantage In Private Higher Education Institutions In Indonesia - صفحه:33-47

  tick  The Effect Of Involvement And Electronic Word Of Mouth (Ewom) On Brand Image And Its Impact On Consumers Brand Switching Of Mamypoko - صفحه:19-31

  tick  The Effect Of The Structure Of An Organization On Project Premier Contractor'S Performance,With Rewards,Training And Leadership As Intervening Variables - صفحه:109-122

  tick  The Impact Of Leader Engagement On The Creation Of Innovation Culture - صفحه:135-149

  tick  Web Attractiveness,Hedonic Shopping Value And Online Buying Decision - صفحه:123-134

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