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   International Journal Of Economics And Management   
سال:2016 - دوره:10 - شماره:Specialissue2

  tick  Asset Allocations In A Thai Defined Contribution Fund: A Behavioural Experiment Conditioned By Financial Expertise - صفحه:319-339

  tick  Critical Analysis Of The Role,Challenges And Shariah Compliance Of Islamic Windows By Conventional Banks In Bangladesh - صفحه:391-407

  tick  Do Governance Structure And Financial Performance Matter In Csr Reporting? - صفحه:267-284

  tick  Does Shareholder Activism Limit Real Earnings Management: Evidence Of Financial Misreporting In Family And Foreign-Owned Business - صفحه:377-390

  tick  Environmental,Social And Governance (Esg) Disclosure And Its Effect On Firm'S Performance: A Comparative Study - صفحه:355-375

  tick  Governance Of Research Fund: Modelling Innovation Capital Of Malaysian Public Universities - صفحه:445-461

  tick  Has The Board Been Effective Enough To Look After The Earnings Manipulation Exercise? - صفحه:463-481

  tick  How Managers Use Pms To Induce Behavioural Change In Enhancing Governance - صفحه:501-522

  tick  Inhibiting And Driving Factors Of Professional Skepticism From The Social Learning Perspective - صفحه:427-444

  tick  Innovation Risk And Sustainable Competitive Advantages: Empirical Assessment Of Government-Linked Companies In Malaysia - صفحه:253-265

  tick  Investigations And Charges Of Money Laundering Cases Under Amlatfa: Enforcement Of Malaysia Central Bank - صفحه:541-555

  tick  Market Orientation And Management Sustainability Of Microfinance Institutions - صفحه:409-426

  tick  Political Influence On Financial Reporting Quality Of Public Listed Firms In Malaysia - صفحه:303-318

  tick  The Analysis Of Reduced Audit Quality Behavior: The Intervening Role Of Turnover Intention - صفحه:341-353

  tick  The Appropriateness Of Fixed And Lifecycle Asset Allocations As Default Investment Choices For Defined Contribution Plans - صفحه:483-499

  tick  The Effect Of Internal Control Systems And Budgetary Participation On The Performance Effectiveness Of Non-Profit Organizations: Evidence From Malaysia - صفحه:523-539

  tick  The Effect Of Risk Management And Operational Information Disclosure Practices On Public Listed Firms' Financial Performance - صفحه:235-252

  tick  When Quality Matters! Csr Disclosure And Value Creation - صفحه:285-302

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