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   International Journal Of Economics And Management   
سال:2017 - دوره:11 - شماره:SpecialIssue1

  tick  A Comparative Study On Professionalization Of Political Practice Globally: A Systematic Review Of Published Data - صفحه:19-33

  tick  A Scalable Distance Learning Support Framework For South Africa: Applying The Interaction Equivalency Theorem - صفحه:89-102

  tick  A Survival Analysis Of Indonesian Distressed Company Using Cox Hazard Model - صفحه:155-167

  tick  Agro-Industry Value Chain Of Green Products Processed Aloe Vera In Pontianak - صفحه:247-259

  tick  An Assessment Of Change-Readiness Capabilities And Service Innovation Readiness And Innovation Performance: Empirical Evidence From Mice Venues - صفحه:1-17

  tick  Antecedents Of Ethnic Diversity: The Role Of Nomination Committees - صفحه:103-119

  tick  Asymmetric Spillover Effect In Indonesian Stock Market - صفحه:183-195

  tick  Deposit Insurance,Crisis,And Risk Taking In Asean Banks - صفحه:207-221

  tick  Determinant Of Fraudulent In Government: An Empirical Analysis In Situbondo Regency,East Java,Indonesia - صفحه:133-140

  tick  Extending Tra Understanding Compulsive Buying Behaviour - صفحه:75-87

  tick  Factors Affecting The Profitability And Growth Of Small & Medium Enterprises (Smes) In Indonesia - صفحه:35-44

  tick  Financial Distress Prediction Using Bankometer Model On Islamic And Conventional Banks: Evidence From Indonesia - صفحه:169-181

  tick  Ifrs Adoption In Indonesia: Accounting Ecology Perspective - صفحه:121-132

  tick  Local Taxes And Pro-Cyclical Fiscal Policy In Indonesia - صفحه:261-269

  tick  Macroeconomic Factors And Stock Returns In Apt Framework - صفحه:197-206

  tick  Perceptions Towards The Elderly Among The Thai Working-Age Population: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis - صفحه:271-286

  tick  Performance Management Model: A Study In Thai Public Higher Education Institutions - صفحه:59-73

  tick  Risk Behaviors Of The Msm In Thai Commercial Sex Market: Using Insights From Behavioral Economics - صفحه:237-246

  tick  The Arima Model For The Indonesia Stock Price - صفحه:223-236

  tick  The Influence Of Individual Rank,Work Experience,And Firm Size,On The Professionalism And Output Of Internal Auditor - صفحه:141-154

  tick  The Quality Of Work Life Influence To Turnover Intention With Person-Organization Fit And Organizational Commitment As Mediators - صفحه:45-57

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