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   International Journal Of Economics And Management   
سال:2017 - دوره:11 - شماره:1

  tick  Basel Ii And The Financing Of R&D Investments In Malaysia - صفحه:127-152

  tick  Determinants And Effects Of Non-Farm Enterprise Diversification On Household Economic Wellbeing In Rural Nigeria - صفحه:187-204

  tick  Efficiency Of The Japanese Affiliates: Regional Economy Perspectives - صفحه:67-83

  tick  Estimating Efficiency In Domestic And Foreign Islamic Banking And Its Determinants Among Three Neighboring Countries - Malaysia,Indonesia And Brunei - صفحه:237-258

  tick  External Linkages And Product Innovation: Theory And Empirical Evidence From Subsidiaries In Vietnam - صفحه:31-47

  tick  Finance-Growth Nexus: Evidence Based On New Measures Of Finance - صفحه:17-29

  tick  Foreign Direct Investment,Economic Freedom And Democracy - صفحه:1-15

  tick  Growth,Volatility And Education: Panel Evidence From Developing Countries - صفحه:225-235

  tick  Impact Of Crude Oil Price,Exchange Rates And Real Gdp On Malaysia'S Food Price Fluctuations: Symmetric Or Asymmetric? - صفحه:259-275

  tick  Implications Of Habit Formation And Preference Change For Free Trade Patterns And Global Economic Growth - صفحه:107-126

  tick  Internet Presence,Website Analytics,And E-Retailor Financial Performance - صفحه:85-106

  tick  The Impact Of Accretive Share Buyback On Long-Term Firm Performance - صفحه:49-66

  tick  The Impact Of Corporate Governance Reform On Firms' Control Mechanisms And Performance: Evidences From Malaysia - صفحه:205-224

  tick  The Role Of National Culture On Email Usage Among Non- Academic Staff In Malaysian Public Universities - صفحه:153-185

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